2020-10-13 Meeting notes





Agenda and Notes 

Jira Check-in 

Accessibility Dashboard 

  • Looks good. 
  1. CU Boulder - Schedule  
    1. Testing has started. 
    2. Meeting with Acquisitions to discuss feedback
  2. Keyboard Checklist in development (Huda) 
    1. https://forms.gle/351gb9vGxVqX6ESX7
  • URL will be good enough to get a sense of the release/version 
  • Reach out to Peter about where the form can live and can it live in the FOLIO space 
Accessibility Statement 
  1. At September PC meeting, asked to put on hold. It is a complicated issue. What would be covered by a VPAT of "FOLIO" (app level, core apps, overall?) 
    1. Contacted 
      1. https://www.paciellogroup.com/
      2. http://www.accessibilitypartners.com/
      3. https://tenon.io/ - 20K-65K estimate 
      4. https://www.barrierbreak.com/
  2. Accessibility Statement 
    1. Examples: Wordpress; Openstax; Drupal
    2. W3 Generator 
Documenting ProgressThere is a request from the PC to develop process for telling the story of how we are improving the accessibility within FOLIO. There was also interest in having another demo of accessibility within FOLIO. 
  • Something to consider: report dashboard page for documenting evidence of improvement/testing 
Next Meeting Planning
  • What does an updated demo look like? (follow what Jane did and should show resolved issues)