Community topics for Product Council 


Everyone is welcome to add topics and/or raise requests for Product Council. 


 How to raise topics | Field description

The submitting person will add the follwoing info:

  • Topic + Description

    • General description of the topic.

  • Reporter

    • @mention yourself or list an institution or SIG

  • Person(s) needed

    • @mention all persons needed who should be attending the meeting. The invitation will be done by the PC.

  • Time needed

    • Time that approx. will be needed for the discussion. This will help schedule the relevant PC meeting. 

  • Date added

    • To track when a topic has been raised, e.g. to track how long it has been open.

The PC will add the following details:

  • Status = The PC will add a status out of the following:

    • OPENTo be discussed by PC

    • BLOCKED - The PC is waiting for further information or some specific action to be completed before discussion can continue

    • IN PROGRESS - In progress

    • FWD - Not a PC topic → forwarded to relevant Council or group, the relevant Council or group should be named

    • DECIDED - PC has made a decision, the decision should be added to the PC decision log

  • Link to decision log

When you click on Submit Request, this will create a new wiki page that will need to be published.

 Do you have a special request/issue for Product Council to review?
  1. After you save the page, click on the "Submit Request" next to your topic. 

  2. Provide a sentence/phrase summary of the issue in the "Decision" box.

  3. You can flag individuals by finding their name and putting it in the "Stakeholder" box

  4. Provide a Due Date if needed, or leave blank if unsure.

  5. Give some background (see below). You may find it easier to enter this information after clicking on "Create" as you'll then have access to the feel suite of wiki editing tools.

  6. Click on Create

  7. Click on Publish to finish.

When submitting a request or an issue to be reviewed by FOLIO Product Council, please include this information in the background:

  • SIG Name

  • SIG Convenor

  • Description of issue/report, the more details the better:

    • Includes link to SIG meeting discussion on issue or request

    • Provide link to any Jira issues related to issues

    • Let us know if it about new feature, a bug, regression, etc.

    • Let us know if it is a proposal for a new group/subgroup

  • What are you asking from the FOLIO Product Council?

  • Do you want to attend a future FOLIO Product Council meeting to present this request?

Your PC SIG representative will get back to you regarding the issue and scheduling a meeting as appropriate.

You can view the PC Decision log.