Topics from China Community, February 2024



Current or future availability



Current or future availability

Support for CNMARC

Importing ISO files in CNMARC would would generate an error message.


Editing tool for BIBFRAME 2.0


Marva (Library of Congress BIBFRAME editor) is already available. Starting with Ramsons there will be connections to this tool. See in JIRA.

Support for transmission layer data encryption

In the login page, the username and password sent to the back-end should be encrypted for transmission.

Will Eureka enable this functionality?

Support for public/shared library acquisitions, cataloging, circulation business functions

Resource sharing between a main library and branch libraries, including shared bibliographic records. All branch libraries use one system, share bibliographic data, and support branch libraries to manage local characteristic literature independently, achieving literature collection.

Check Enhanced Consortia Support (ECS) for this functionality. First release with Poppy with further enhancements with Ramsons.

Marc4j component used at the bottom of the current system has compatibility problems when parsing CNMARC data

The subfield identifier in marc4j cannot be uppercase, but the pinyin field of CNMARC is @A and will be filtered out directly


Database indexes are often invalidated due to functions in SQL statements and the system is not efficient enough when the amount of data is large.

Unless it is specified in the schema.json in RMB, SQL will definitely have f_unaccent functions, Chinese there is no problem of removing accents. It hopes to clarify is there any easier solution.


The editing process of FOLIO Community Edition is very different from the existing business processes in China, and it is hoped that it will be implemented according to the common business processes in China.

Book transfer operation: capable of batch modifying parameters such as collection location, collection status, and literature circulation type.

Is this covered by Bulk Edit?

Separate management and ability to view data of librarians from that of readers

Save administrators and readers in separate data tables. There are significant differences in the permissions, attributes, etc. between these two.


Add multi-factor authentication and verification codes to comply with domestic security standards

Log in with a mobile phone verification code or email address + password