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Auf dieser Seite wird die Funktionsanalyse bezüglich des Versands der Bestellung (Bestellmahnungen) beschrieben.


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  Proposal UB Leipzig and SLUB Dresden

Initial proposal on claims for monographs

OUTDATED Proposals on sending orders - version 2 (Google Präsentation)
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1y3f4gXkmv_qoZ25otHPuN4JG2Rop9cxu25QttglFKuA/edit#slide=id.g13f884716d0_0_95 - Slides 13-16

Proposal 1 Without integration detail

App Orders

  • An open order can have two states 
    • The order is sent
    • The order is not sent
  • A batch function to send orders correctly needs a precise state
  • It is proposed to implement a checkbox “Sent” which
    • is activated automatically if the batch function to send orders is applied to an order
    • is activated manually by the user, when an order is placed by phone, …
  • It is proposed to implement a field “Sending date” which
    • contains the date, when the checkbox “sent“ is activated and the order was actually sent
    • is filled automatically when the checkbox “sent” is activated
  • The “Sending date” could be used as initial date for the /wiki/spaces/~hohmann/pages/3572320 instead of “Approval date” 
    • It could be possible, that a period of time goes by between the approval and the sending of the order - the "Expected receipt interval" could be applied, when the order is send
    • See: /wiki/spaces/~hohmann/pages/3572314
  • The order must be open, because the encumbrance has to be applied as soon as possible to enable current values for the funds
  • (question) Is it necessary to apply these elements to the order lines?
    • It would be possible to gather all order lines of one vendor and send it in one document (e-mail, postal, ...) instead of sending several orders

Example: Sending information in the order

Proposal 2 With integration detail - DISCUSSION

App Orders

  • It is proposed to examine, if the integration details can be added to the accordion "Vendor" in the order line. It would enable the distinction of the sending method by acquisition method for each vendor. 

Example: Integration detail in an order

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