05 Mahnversand-Stapelverfahren (Bestellmahnungen) - Funktionsanalyse

Auf dieser Seite wird das Mahnversand-Stapelverfahrens (Bestellmahnungen) beschrieben.


Proposal UB Leipzig and SLUB Dresden

Initial proposal on claims for monographs

OUTDATED Proposals on claims for monographs (Google-Präsentation)
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bdp3qhsHSld5jpOtJSoHqdUWTWn_rDbBAZacEwJojz8/edit#slide=id.g118b3a95366_0_0 - Slides 23-24

App Orders

  • In each POL, the mandatory element “Claim delivery method” is specified. The element should be configurable in the settings. 
    • email
    • postal letter
  • It is necessary to create PDF-files for sending
  • It is necessary to send claims via email in Folio, as claims are sent to the users. 
    • The email-address can be derived from the vendors’ record.

(André Hohmann : the claiming information could be displayed also in the app Receiving. It is important to offer the information and functionality.)

(André Hohmann : according to 2023-02-08 Abstimmung Bestellmahnungen - D-Erwerbung, element “Claim delivery method” should be implemented in the integration details of the Organization - see also 04 Versand der Bestellung (Bestellversand) - Funktionsanalyse)