Export Orders to csv

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Not all vendors support automated order integrations. In the absence of an integration these must be a way to share or communicate order information with a Vendor. Generally these are also cases where the vendor doesn't have a ordering portal where the user can "Purchase at vendor system".

Use cases:

1) Users (selectors, staff) are creating orders for Leila (Vendor) over the course of a week. Manager at the end of the week exports all orders to an excel file. This file is filtered by vendor after download and the separate files are attached to emails. Email template is used for standardizing communication. After receipt some vendors have the ability to upload the excel file directly into their system and that is why the excel format is preferred.
2) User needs to send different order data depending on what vendor they are ordering from. User will export orders and remove certain columns from the sheet, such as email address and other specific order data fields.
3) For a Vendor that the library has another integration with. Where the majority of ordering is done through the integration the librarian may export other orders in bulk for certain accounts they have with that vendor rather than send them through the API of EDI connect. This is generally used when integrations are not flexible enough to accommodate order creation with the appropriate order details, account information or something of that nature.

Note: Users have indicated in Subgroup discussions that the majority of the exports will be less than 1000 POLs. Some may be for larger samples.


* Is this only for Vendors that have no other method of integration? This may be used at an account level for a Vendor that you have another integration with. Where the majority of ordering is done through the integration and others are handled in bulk.
* Do we need to export piece information?
* Would tags be exported in separate columns or all in one field?
* Would other repeatable fields be exported in separate columns or all in one field?


  • User must be able to identify multiple orders for export to a file
  • Possible formats include csv
  • User can choose "all" or specific data points to be exported
  • Export is based on list of search results when searching by order OR order lines
  • Ability to configure the export and determine what separator to use for values within a cell. ie. pipe, comma etc.

CSV File Example

This file also describes the desired method of exporting the repeatable fields in the PO and POL


Out of Scope:

  • Ability to incorporate communication template for emailing this file - Functionality will be implemented for UXPROD-1129 and could be leverage here or as a followup to this feature
    Automated process that would allow user to identify orders for export as they are creating orders. At some interval those orders would be export and sent to the organization automatically. See UXPROD-2840
  • Exporting "Notes app" fields for POL and "Invoice numbers" from related invoice fields. The additional calls would have a major impact on performance.
  • Will NOT export translated values for any data points