Acquisitions API migration enhancements

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Stability - Batch size

Set a reasonable goal for what batch sizes the modules can handle and make sure the modules can deliver on the promised numbers given it is run/hosted under the minimum requirements. Make this super clear by throwing exceptions for too large batches.


P1Blocking a requirement and no viable workaround
P2Blocking a requirement and workarounds are extremely time consuming
P3Compromising a requirement but workarounds are reasonable
P4Unfortunate limitation that we can live with for now
P5Desired functionality that would exceed expectations


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Order date cannot be set in the past

P2Without this ability we cannot properly migrate current ordersDennis Bridges


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Piece records require titleId which doesn't exist until after po line is posted./orders/pieces
P3Must post po & po line, extract titleId from po line and assign it to piece record, then post piece record. Honeysuckle release.


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It is currently hard to pin down the version of the schemas used in the Tenant. It would be great if the API:s could expose the json schemas . This would be very useful for creating mapping files, and validating data before migrating. As part of this, it would be great to have the referenced schemas in schemas either added as part of the schemas or at least make the links resolvable. Please ask it the last part is unclear.All APIs that are using JSON Schemas