Orders - Custom fields

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Use cases:

  • Local fields - Some institutions put semi structured information in Notes fields. This would eliminate the need for these types of workarounds
  • Reporting codes - Institutions add various details to orders and other records that are later leveraged to build reports or filter orders and facilitate workflows

Current implementation of custom fields in users app

Limitations that need to be overcome

  • Fields currently must appear within the defined accordion (Not critical)
  • Searching and Filtering is currently unavailable (Critical, would need to add this)
  • Fields are not easily identifiable by labels in the database
  • These fields should be available in Purchase order templates as well. Is this possible?


Create custom fields in order app settings

Edit custom fields while creating or editing orders

Search and filter by custom fields


Additional requirements:

  • Would require ability to search and filter by custom fields in the relevant app
  • Would need to include custom fields in record exports from system with relevant labels
  • Would need these fields to be identifiable in the database for other applications to reference them if needed. Using a meaningful convention for identifying them that is hopefully better than CF1, CF2, CF3 etc.
  • Optionally allow fields to be visible in receiving UI and Order UI
  • Fields can be populated using order templates