2023-2024 Outreach Events

Development Subteams reaching out to SIGs

Development subteams should coordinately meetings with SIGs every 3 to 6 months. They can present on updates to reporting systems, data model summaries, or just go and have an open discussion about reporting.

Reporting SIG coordinates public presentations


  • WOLFcon in August
  • FOLIO Forum December-ish (2023)
  • FOLIO Forum March-ish (2024)
  • FOLIO Forum June-ish (2024)

Possible topics:

  • Transitioning from LDP to Metadb
  • Data Dashboards (Cornell, Alex??)
  • Use of FOLIO APIs as a reporting tool
  • Using ChatGPT with DBeaver
  • Customizing LDP/Metadb for your Institution's needs
  • Automation (TAMU, Cornell Prefect, GitHub CI/CD?)
  • New Features/Functionality with Metadb