Build a directory of extracted and derived tables


GoalUsers would be able to look up an LDP1 or Metadb table in a list to get a basic description of what the table contains and where it comes from.
  • Maybe include a list of fields but not descriptions of those fields? Or should it also have field descriptions?
  • Also from Tod, after another SIG discussion: This morning in the Reporting SIG we talked briefly about ways to document the derived tables. I'd mentioned maybe there's a way to create the documentation in the SQL and then generate something legible and easy to reference. In looking for pre-existing solutions, a couple searches that I found useful were "how to document tables in sql comments" and "sphinx sql documentation". This at least seems to be a problem that others have wrestled with, so we may be able to lean on or draw inspiration from prior work.
  • (Also look for notes in SIG meetings from August/September)
  • Also, how the tables connect to other tables? maybe a small ER diagram with foreign key relationships?

Difference between extracted and derived tables.

Extracted tablesTables that LDP1/Metadb creates.
Derived tablesTables created by the community and located in the folio-analytics repository.

Meeting notes

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