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Main Inventory App Documentation on FOLIO Tips and Tricks

Other thoughts:

  1. Note about inventory table connections: Instances (normally known as "Bibs") is associated with Holdings, and Holdings are associated with Items
  2. Notes about Instance Type:
    1. Google Spreadsheet with Inventory data elements
    2. the FOLIO dev api includes more properties than listed in the "beta" version of the data model
    3. the elements mentioned in the beta data model will all validate when you try to batch load to FOLIO, so we should be tracking all of them?
    4. InstanceTypeID is the property name for the Resource type in the Inventory Instance record. In the LDP? there is a disconnect with reference table, which is ResourceType, so for now one needs to know that the Instance Type ID property is actually referencing the Resource Type table - see Settings > Inventory > Instances > Resource type (

General note about naming of data elements: There is not necessarily label consistency between the Json (Api) and the UI.The labels in the UI get changed as we learn, as we get more user acceptance feed back, etc. It is harder to change the names of data elements, because that would break other parts of the code.