2024-05-06 Meeting notes: Plan future topics


May 6, 2024


Convener: @Martina Schildt

Note taker: @Tara Barnett

Recording: https://recordings.openlibraryfoundation.org/folio/app-interaction-group-mondays/2024-05-06T12:00/


  • @Martina Schildt

  • Tara Barnett

  • Maura Bryne

  • Dung-Lan Chen

  • Laura Daniels

  • Jana Freytag

  • Lloyd Chittenden (Marmot Library Network)

  • Kristin Martin

  • Kimberly Pamplin

  • Charlotte Whitt


  • Check-in on possible future topics

 Discussion topics





Action items





Action items

5 min


@Martina Schildt

  • Next meeting: it is planned to continue on Inventory and Agreements interactions

    • mockups by Charlotte supported by Sara


Future topics














  • We decided to meet in order to check in on topics we'd like to discuss in future meetings. We clarify next week's agenda item--on May 15th we will be discussing Inventory interactions with Agreements, not the inverse. Sara and Charlotte are investigating how to link from Inventory to Agreements.


Meeting Calendar

  • Martina has created a Meeting Calendar, which we will use to plan meeting topics further in advance, as well as plan for cancellations.


Material Type Optional

  • Kristen has a topic for a future meeting: what would the impact be of no longer requiring material type for items?

    • A Jira issue exists for this request: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/issues/UXPROD-2178

    • This issue causes significant problems at Chicago: it has to be populated, it contains no real information, and now Chicago cannot implement CSP 4 because of issues with Data Import and Material Type (see In order to move forward, Chicago had to choose to use a workaround for either electronic or physical items until they get to CSP 5

    • Changing whether or not Material Type is required would have implications in many areas of FOLIO. A discussion of this topic would need to include representation across FOLIO, including Metadata Management, Resource Access, and Acquisitions areas.

    • Charlotte notes that Ryan Taylor is proposing schema changes for Ramsons. This would mean that all apps that consume data from inventory will already need to be updated. Since changes are already being made, this might be an opportunity to propose further changes like making material type optional.

    • Dung-Lan notes that it isn't clear why material type is a required field on the PO, if catalogers are then later changing it as part of their process. Laura notes that PO requires it because the item required it. It seems there are multiple problems with requiring material type at various stages of the item lifecycle.

    • We plan how we will form the group needed for this discussion:

      • We need to invite Ryan Taylor in order to understand what is planned

      • We need Chicago (Kristin) to capture the pain points and explain the scenario

      • We need PO representation from (at least) Circulation, Data Import, and Acquisitions

      • We need SME representation from Resource Access, Acquisitions, and Metadata Management

        • Jana will work with RA

        • Laura will work with MM

        • Dung-Lan will add this to an upcoming Acquisitions agenda

        • Martina will invite Ryan Taylor and talk with Data Import

    • We plan to meet on May 29th about this issue. This may extend over multiple meetings.


Elastic Search

  • Charlotte suggests discussion of how Elastic Search might be rolled out to all apps. We plan to talk about this after June.


Parking Lot Topics

  • We look at the parking lot for potential topics. Some lines from the parking lot have already been accomplished

    • Cross-app searching

    • Consistency in searching across apps

    • We could look at interactions between various apps

    • N8N: a workflow tool

    • Row 17--Charlotte suggests this could tie in to the work being done for bundling apps. There are two proposals right now. Kristin notes that this may not move forward--the direction of the app formalization group has changed, so this may no longer be relevant in its current form. Currently this is a thought exercise. Martina will add this to future topics--not pressing, but if we have time we can look into it.

    • We look over search-related subtopics: search expectations across apps has some lines still open that we should return to. Contains vs start could be a future meeting. Molly could join this discussion.

      • Laura notes that Advances Search was added after this document. Kristin wonders if we need advanced search in other apps? Laura notes that the default should be the same across apps, or should signal to the user which way the search works.

      • Laura volunteers to demo Advanced Search at the meeting for this. Martina will contact Laura on slack to set this up.

    • How to search on exact match is being discussed by the MM SIG.



  • We plan to do this regularly in order to generate ideas.

 Action items

  • Material Type Meeting Prep

    @Jana Freytag will work with RA to gather representation for our Material Type meeting on May 29th
    @Laura Daniels will work with MM to gather representation for our Material Type meeting on May 29th
    @Dung-Lan Chen will add discussion of the material type meeting to an upcoming Acquisitions agenda
    @Martina Schildt will invite Ryan Taylor to our meeting on May 29th and talk with Data Import
  • Advanced Search Meeting Prep

    @Martina Schildt will reach out to Laura to pick a date for an Advanced Search meeting (Laura will demo)