UI / UX agreements across apps

This page is to collect UX/UI issues, which have been discussed with App Interaction SIG and UX/UI designers and were agreed on.

Multi column lists (MCL)



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MCL: Freeze headings


MCL: Freeze 1st column

(where checkboxes Freeze first X)

  • improves overview
  • it is difficult to know what the height of each list should be
  • will vary, so no general criteria - status: set per app (where it makes sense)
  • need to agree on a default behaviour
  • there is conflict if we have more and more MCLs with check boxes
  • in cases where we have check-boxes, freeze the first 2 columns?
  • PO would agree with SIG on how many columns need to be freezed


with exceptions



Spike needed

John Coburn

STCOM-1021 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

MCL: Sortable table headers
  • sorting of table headers should be available consistently across apps
  • helpful to have a sort indicator, to indicate that a column is sortable
  • pageable lists: some columns are not sortable
  • all not pageable lists should have sortable headers
  • Sara in chat: Just wondering--if not a MCL thing then for the future--just wondering: like in a spreadsheet can I sort on Column A and then on Column B in conjunction
  • for paged lists: yes
  • for non-paged lists: no
  • would be great to have it for paged and non-pages lists



MCL: Line numbers
  • add line numbers to MCL result lists
  • important to have in mind that numbers are usually independant from the line content
  • first line will always be #1
  • there should be an indicator that it is a row number; because there are some exceptions where it is not
  • additionally, numbers could give an ancor for clicking to see more details → no, rather name, barcode (depending on the use case)
  • anchored text instead of anchored rows; text that looks like a link
  • therefore define columns with click ancor as never hide
  • Kimie in chat: If we add line numbers, and then the user drags and drops a row, will the numbers be able to update at the moment of the drag and drop? → John: yes, they have to


MCL: Search & filter
  • full search and sort for the sub-MCLs is needed
  • An option to pop out a sub-MCL into its own full screen window with search and filter options
  • make available at accordeon level


MCL: export lists - current view
  • export option helps as there is more functionality in Excel
  • e.g. export is available for some MCLs in orders
  • for multi-page lists there is a difference between export this page and export all
  • idea:
    • start with exporting current page
    • and extend with option to select → add an intermediate step and open a modal where user can select
    • depending on how many lines it can be expensive


MCL: export lists - complete list
  • John Coburn and Zak Burke will have a look and check possible ways to export full MCL list to excel technically
  • maybe create a Spike
  • come back and talk about results in a few weeks


Modals: movable
  • Modals or other popups need to move
  • should not be fixed in place on the screen
  • In various Apps functional Modals be moved out of the way while in use but at the same time cover over information that is needed while using the Modal.
  • Not all modals are "Look-up" modals, some are "Fill-out" modals and so info is on the screen now hidden
  • e.g.: in the Receiving App, the Receiving Note.
  • Additionally, I often want to copy and then paste into the pop-up modal info from the screen behind, but no longer can.
  • I would hope that if I can move it out of the way, I then would also be able to copy off it to pate into fields in the popup
  • my demo example would get be when I am creating a piece in the Receiving App.
  • modals could be moved somewhere where user cannot see them anymore; should not happen
  • To Do: collect use cases
    • creation modal:
      • receiving: creating receiving piece; information needed is hidden; creating somethin with modal
    • look up modal:
      • title look upinformation is variable
    • warning modal


Modals: use cases for movability and resizability
Modals: Keyboard shortcut modal
  • When I use keyboard shortcuts I need to view them separately from the screen I am working on
  • maybe open in a separate window or pane
  • Charlotte in chat: An extra pane, sounds a bit like Tags, when in the three pane layout



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