MARC Data Use Cases

-Christie working on spec for normalizing MARC data (like Horizon system model)

-Chicago currently doing ETL to move MARC XML into MySQL db

-create examples to put the MARC use case in context

-leader fields, data fields

-HathiTrust is a good example to break out as use case


-combining MARC with non-MARC

The MARC Data Use Case small group from the Reporting SIG will document use cases for reports that use MARC data. This work will support the development of the MARC data reporting feature for the Library Data Platform. 

From Jennifer:

Here's the spreadsheet from our mm reports wg. I also added a link to Cornell use cases in the 2nd tab,

What are some common use cases we can think of right now?

Important to be comprehensive

  • this feature will define the limits of what can be done

-MM reports group has several examples

Use Case Examples:

    • Find every bib record with a 690 and which institution it belongs to
    • 856 with wrong indicator
    • making sure location and indicators for classification are correct
    • authority record updates
    • validation -look for common mistakes
    • extract data from each subfield of local 948 fields
    • data not in the right format in the instance record, eg date fields have different punctuation
    • incorrect resource types, formats, languages
    • feeding data cleanup - pre ACR2 input practices, ISBD punctuation
    • having field and subfield access to text
    • edit control fields
    • microforms
    • transformations that preserve white spaces between words
    • accessing the LDR or leader data
    • do not need the directory
    • need to access different fields at the same time
    • easier way to join to multiple fields simultaneously
    • linking MARC data to item and holdings data, orders or agreements
    • export full MARC bib, using add/update dates for selection criteria, for authority record processing
    • export full MARC bib for submission to Rapid ILL system.
    • access to language codes
    • 490/830 field access
    • access to call number/normalized as well
    • publication place, beginning and ending publication date from 008 field
    • type of material (mono or serial etc) from a Leader
    • access to different notes fields on holdings (subfield "z" )
    • BIB suppression
    • any part of the url 856 field, $i, $u
    • valid and not valid ISBN fields
    • OCLC number in  035
    • vendor number in 035


Who can volunteer to participate in this workgroup?

Small Group Members:

    • Sharon Beltaine
    • Jennifer 
    • Tod
    • Christie
    • Laura

Small Group Meeting Time:

  • ? Doodle Poll is out

How MARC data will be used in reports

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