About the Group

There is no criteria for membership, but the members of this group are most likely people who are…

…leading the FOLIO implementation effort at an institution

…responsible for some aspect of implementation at an institution

…experienced in ILS migration and willing to share their experience

…interested in learning more about implementing FOLIO

The main purpose of the FOLIO Implementation Group will be to identify shared implementation-related issues/concerns/tasks and, in most cases, spawn working-groups to address these issues/concerns/tasks. These issues/concerns/tasks are likely to include:

  • Organizing the institution’s implementation team

  • Creating plans such as those for implementation, transition, testing, etc.

  • Identifying and managing the stakeholders at your institution

  • Managing the change at your institution

  • Identifying and mitigating implementation risks

  • Simplifying loan policies

  • Best approach to grouping user permissions

  • Identifying and documenting workflow changes

  • How to train your staff for implementation and beyond

  • Cleaning up your data now for future migration

  • Conducting a gap analysis to insure your institution’s requirements are met

In many ways this group will work together on the type of tasks a vendor providing migration services would normally assist in.  

Priority will be given to issues/concerns/tasks impacting institutions implementing first.

The FOLIO Implementation Group will not replicate the work of other SIGs, including the Systems Operations and Management SIG or its Data Migration Subgroup.  This group will, however, benefit greatly from the outputs of the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG, such as approaches to implementation, best practices for implementation, data migration plans, run book for operations people, etc.   

It will not be necessary for a sub-group to be needed by most/all institutions for it to be established.  If only two institutions want to form a sub-group, this should be allowed. The point is for all sub-groups to be documented on the FOLIO Implementation Group wiki so that everyone is aware that the sub-group exists.  There might be another institution in the future that will benefit from the work of this sub-group or, if the sub-group is still in operation, that wants to join the sub-group. If we don’t include every group as an “official” sub-group, these smaller groups will be “hidden.”

The FOLIO Implementation Group will include a liaison to the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG and the Data Migration Sub-Group so that there is awareness of what each group is doing.  

Scheduling a meeting time will be difficult if this group is large.  As such, each institution will need to select one person that must be accommodated. If an institution joins the group after it has been formed, it may not be possible to accommodate the selected Primary Institution Member.  Everyone is welcome, but unfortunately the meeting time may not work for all. It may also be necessary to give scheduling priority to institutions that are implementing soonest. Each meeting will be recorded and meeting notes will be available on the wiki.