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Happy Holidays!

Time permittingAdvice for handling of sensitive banking informationTeam

From slack conversation, I think I've gathered the following:

  • In this case (bank account and transit numbers), the information is highly sensitive.  
  • Highly sensitive information should:
    • Be stored in it's own table
    • Accessed via a dedicated API
    • Protected by a dedicated permission
    • Encrypted in the database, not only on disk.  

Let's review and discuss before providing this feedback to Raman.

Axel Dörrer also suggested that defining classes of sensitivity could help teams determine which techniques are applicable in various situations.  I agree having some general guidelines on this would be helpful.

  • regular data
  • low sensitive - permission based on same API
  • high sensitive - permission based on dedicated API

It would probably help to provide concrete examples of data in each class.  This can be a longer term effort, we don't need to sort out all the details today.

  • Next Steps:
    • Clearly define/formalize the various classes
      • Come up with concrete examples of each class
    • Build out guidance
      • Come up with concrete examples of how to protect each class of data.
    • Consider storing some classes of data outside of postgres altogether - e.g. in secret storage.
      • What would be the guidance we provide to teams for this so we don't end up with each team doing things differently?
      • SecretStore interface and existing implementations are currently only read-only.  They would need to be extended to allow for creation/mgmt of this information.
    • Craig to start a conversation in slack about this.
      • Seeking a volunteer to generate a draft document for us to review at a later meeting.


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