2023-10-12 Meeting notes



YOct 19, 26th

Oct 12th & 26th

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?Anything Urgent? Review the Kanban board?Team
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?Hardcoded System User CredentialsTeam

From Julian in slack:

We still have modules that ship with default system users with hardcoded username and a hardcoded password. In all modules the sysop can configure a different username and a different password, however, it's possible that it's forgotten or that the config has a typo. GDPR requires security by default. A module should fail at startup when username or password configuration is missing. Then the user interface is forgiving and doesn't create an unintended security hole.


  • Do JIRAs exist for the modules which still have default username/passwords? 
    • Not yet.
  • How many are we talking about here?  is it 1? 2? 8+?
    • Julian guesses it's probably around 8 or so.
  • Axel volunteered to help file some of these.


  • 6 issues were filed by Axel Dörrer:
    • mod-pubsub
    • mod-search
    • mod-entities-links
    • mod-consortia
    • mod-inn-reach
    • mod-dcb
-New Critical issues identified by SnykTeam

mod-serials-management has two critical issues:

there's also a high:

We probably want to create JIRAs for these.  The MODSER JIRA project is applicable here, and they should be assigned to the K-Int team.

NOTE:  I don't think this is part of a flower release yet, and will not be part of Poppy, so not stop the world critical at this point, but will ne nice to have these filed.

Action items