2023-10-11 Prioritization & Roadmap Meeting notes




Discussion items


Roadmap visualization

Slides into "better" visualization

  • Boxes from slides - high-level
  • Dashboards - detail level
  • Can we link these - high-level item to one or more dashboards

Points to cover: 

  • names of things human readable
  • clear ownership →
  • what's missing?  unassigned?

Bring in/share Index Data roadmap 

Set action items and timeline

Action items

  • R&P - transfer content from slides to confluence page Jesse Koennecke Kristin Martin  
  • R&P - identify appropriate dashboards for the high-level items - Discuss on  
  • R&P - develop missing dashboards Jenn Colt  
  • R&P - document dashboard details - i.e.  This uses X tag to identify - Jenn Colt DONE - Roadmap maintenance