Field Mapping profiles: EDIFACT

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Looking for MARC field mapping information?

This page is for information regarding EDIFACT field mappings. For MARC field mappings, see Field Mapping profiles: MARC

Want to dive deeper into EDIFACT?

Background information on the EDIFACT file format can be found here (from EDItEUR):

What is Edifact?

EDIFACT is a documentation standard used to exchange electronic business libraries. Some library vendors use EDIFACT documents to provide electronic invoicing to libraries.

An EDIFACT invoice consists of a header, one or more invoice lines, and a footer.

  • Segments of the invoice are separated by an apostrophe ( ' ) or caret ( ^ )
  • Within a segment, each field is separated by a plus sign (+)
  • Within a field, each subfield is separated by a colon ( : )
  • A qualifier may also be appended to a subfield, following the subfield's data, and pre-pended with a colon

Default field mapping profiles for common vendors

Default field mapping profiles are provided in FOLIO for a number of common vendors, listed below. The links will take you to the profile on the main FOLIO snapshot environment (see the wiki homepage for login information if needed.) The default profiles can be edited, duplicated, or deleted, as needed by an individual library. 

Amalivre (formerly Aux Amateurs)Monograph invoice


Monograph invoice


Monograph invoice


Monograph invoice


Serials invoice


Monograph invoice


Monograph invoice


Serials invoice


Serials invoice


Monograph invoice


Monograph invoice
WT CoxSerials invoice

Default profiles are incomplete

Note that the default profiles are provided as a place for libraries to start. They  are not complete enough to import invoices for a production library until they are edited, linked to an action profile, and linked to a job profile.

Adapting the default field mapping profiles for individual library use

For each data element in the field mapping profile, the library can specify default (constant) data or a mapping to one or more areas in the EDIFACT file or in the invoice line's related purchase order line (POL).

Fields that need to be added to a library's local copy of the field mapping include:

  • Invoice information
    • Batch group
    • Acquisitions unit (if used by your library)
  • Vendor information
    • Vendor name - use organization lookup to connect it to an existing organization in your library tenant
  • Extended information
    • Payment method - choose from the drop-down
    • Currency and exchange rate - if you need different from default

Add details here - which fields need to be added, creating action profile, creating job profile

Using default FOLIO data in EDIFACT mappings

Default data must be enclosed in double quotation marks, e.g. Terms: "Net 30"

If the field has pre-defined reference data, a dropdown list appears. When a value is selected from a dropdown list, it will automatically be enclosed in quotation marks. To avoid types if a field has a dropdown list, libraries are encouraged to select a default value from the list, rather than typing the value into the field.