Volaris technical notes


  • IG & DT to Review https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YHi1e3F43WBvP2LzCl2HnEAH7-t0TEs6RIvWKvFkrZQ/edit#gid=1741801107 to update T-shirt estimates
  • Create spikes for Bibs configuration, Initial data contribution (RA to design this area) and Circulation
  • Team to Integrate with III sandbox
    • 2 FOLIO instances - one will work as a Borrowing site, another as an Owning site
      • (question) Is it possible to set up 2 FOLIO instances on the same Rancher env, or do we need one more Rancher env for that?
    • One instance should provide an Auth endpoint + a pair of keys

/ kinda drafted technical road map..

  • Set up required infrastructure
    • (plus) 3 modules
    • (warning) Coordinate Rancher env setup (Oleksii Petrenko - could you assist with this ASAP, please) + configure it properly
    • all can be compiled and deployed
  • Authorization - bi-directional, design is ready, goal for next sprint
    • (plus) Create database structure for secrets storing - structure, model, JPA entities, tests
    • Implement D2IR Authorization Server side logic
      • All the logic is expected to be located in EDGE module
      • Authentication endpoint on mod-inn-reach
      • Generate test keys (2 pairs?) and share them with INN Reach
    • Implement D2IR Authorization Client side logic
      • backend module
      • store API keys, store token, be able to request a new token once expired
  • Configure and test integration with Inn Reach
  • Create all the required API endpoints and mock them
    • look through INN-Reach API specification and implemented all endpoints that are expected from FOLIO as Local server
  •  Configuration
    • Implement Configuration capabilities - UI
    • Implement Configuration capabilities - Data model
      • partially done (for secrets only)
    • Provide one endpoint for aggregated configuration data
      • Implement D2IR API calls for configurations in mod-inn-reach
      • (question) Request data from other FOLIO modules - directly or via back-end
    • Implement Configuration capabilities - CRUD
  • Contribution
    • (warning) Refinement required - Raman A.
  • Circulation - the biggest one (a lotta endpoints, Check In \ Check Out) - R3
  • ...


Tech mainline

  • Java
  • Spring (question)
  • Postgres RDBMS
  • Hibernate as ORM (question) , Spring JDBC, FOLIO

Jira projects and boards

(warning) Need to create tickets for items above

  • Set up 4 new modules (edge-inn-reach (Oleksandr), mod-inn-reach (Andrii S.), mod-inn-reach-storage (Andrii K.), ui-inn-reach (Igor))

  • For the edge module it’s required to list all required API endpoints and configure them in RAML file (Oleksandr, Andrii S.)

  • Coordinate Rancher env setup (Oleksii) 

  • Set up Inn-Reach BE own data schema / tables (After API clarification )

  • Review internal FOLIO APIs required for Configuration capabilities (probably for Inventory as well)

Next sprint goals:

  1. new modules exist and deployed (mush have),
  2. required auth (nice to have),
  3. POC for configuration part (optional).

Development sequence - initial setup + auth (need to split into more detailed tech stories)