Quesnelia UAT - Receiving - Claiming


Test environment: https://folio-dev-thunderjet-2nd-diku.ci.folio.org/

Test credentials: claimtest/test

Jira feature:  UXPROD-1845 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Feedback form: https://forms.office.com/r/XWAHQcMvdW

Dates: January 17, 2024 to January 24, 2024

Slack channel for UAT questions and discussion: #acquisitions-uat

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Known Issues

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The feedback form generally follows the steps listed below. We suggest filling out the form as you work your way through the test.

  1. Log into the test environment (linked above) using the credentials provided
  2. Navigate to the Orders app

Create order with Caliming active

  1. Create a new order record using the template "Claiming UAT"
  2. Add POL to the new order
  3. Click the "Claiming active" checkbox
  4. Change Climing interval to 1 from vendor default (Important)
  5. Populate remaining fields as desired (Note: the order template is hiding fields to simplify this testing)

Create pieces and update statuses

  1. Navigate to receiving app
  2. Search for the receiving title of the order you created (Try searching by order number if needed)
  3. Create 5 piece records each with a different enumeration and expected receipt (Use today's date for piece 1-5 and add +1 day for each piece created after those 5, if desired)
  4. Edit piece 4 and set the status to unreceivable
  5. Select piece 5 and set the status to Claim sent, adding internal and external notes as desired, set the date to tomorrow
  6. Feel free to add additional pieces and experiment more but do not edit pieces 1-5
  7. Break for the day
  8. Return on day 2 to find piece number 1-3 now have a status of "Late"
    1. Select piece 2 and use the delay claim action setting tomorrow as the date
  9. Return on day 3 to find piece 5 now has a status of Late'
    1. Select pieces 1-5 and review the Status log details to make sure they are accurate based on the edits you made

Export pieces

  1. Navigate to receiving app
  2. Filter results using the "Receiving status" filter
  3. Click actions menu in 2nd pane
  4. Click "Export result (csv)" (Note if you wan tot focus on only your data use the order number as well to filter results before export)
  5. Select data points you would like included in the export (For the purpose of test be sure to include Piece status, Internal and External note)