WolfCon 2022 Acq SIG brainstorming

Proposed topic


Refining orders, receiving and inventory interactions


This discussion will consider some of the remaining questions surrounding the order and inventory app interactions.

  • How could the matching of instances to purchase order lines be improved?
  • How do users expect order and receiving workflows to respond to the movement or deletion of inventory records (Instance, Holdings, items)?
    • Emphasis on aspects of the workflow that follow the receipt of material

In this session, the group will review and update use cases concerning the matching of POL and instance records. We will review use cases associated with moving and deleting inventory records. 

Topic Planning

Please share any ideas you may have for WolfCon sessions. We will discuss these as a group and narrow down the list before sharing with the organizing committee. Thanks!

Meeting Name Description Potential meeting length Primary Group / SIG Suggested by
Building a better mousetrap: Acq Tips, tricks, and hacksTips, tricks, and hacks - FOLIO Acq workflow tips from the trenches  60 minutes / virtual Acq SIG with invited FOLIO Acquisitions module Implementers to speak 
Serial ReceivingIssues related to receiving print serials, packages, predictive check-in, How are people managing serial packages with mixed media
Fiscal Year RolloverEnd of year prep before rolling over your system. This would ideally involve libraries that have just done their rollovers given some demo or discussing how they went about preparing for rollover. Show filters being used for identifying orders and invoices etc to make sure all is prepared for rollover. 90 minutes, possibly two partsAcq SIG

Group Discussion, Sara Colglazier 

Order renewal preparation and administration in FOLIODiscussion of how libraries approach renewals in FOLIO with an emphasis on the steps taken during the renewal season.60 minutesAcq SIGGroup Discussion
Metadata Management; Orders and inventoryDiscuss the movement of inventory records and the impact that will have on orders. Emphasis on aspects of the workflow that follow the receipt of material.60 minutes possibly longerAcq SIG and App Interaction SIG
Order Instance matching configurationDiscuss expectations around configuring how FOLIO will match Order line details to instances. How and when this configuration should apply or if there are situations where the configuration should vary.60 MinutesAcq SIG
Streamlining and automating workflows (May relate to tips and tricks)Demonstrate tools (external or internal) that help streamline workflows. What are libraries doing differently now that they are using FOLIO.60 minutesAcq SIG
Working group Face to Face.Essentially a regular ACQ SIG meeting with currently relevant topics just to give the group an opportunity to discuss in person. 60 min but possibly more than one time slot?ACQ SIG
FOLIO functionality gap demosDuring this session community members would demonstrate workflows they are still not able to replicate in FOLIO. Other users might offer suggestions and POs will try to capture gap requirements for prioritization60 min but possibly more than one time slot?ACQ SIG
Product owner functionality demo(s)Reviewing the functionality of a specific application and fielding questions from users

Discussing the user interface and user experience of acquisitionsNow users have been using FOLIO for some time we would have a discussion about what information is not being surfaced when and where you need it.90 minutesACQ SIG, App Interaction SIG
PO consultationBlocked time for one on one meetings with Product owners from areas of FOLIO.30 min possibly multiple blocks if this could be valuable.ACQ SIG and other SIGs that may want to follow suit
Full workflow demo for acquiring materialUsers demonstrate a full end to end workflow for acquisitions

Lightning discussion around what your previous ILS did not do and how FOLIO has inspired change/innovation in your workflowProvide some inspiration to others regarding what can be done differently in FOLIO, how you made the transition and why 
ACQ SIG and implementers