2019-09-20 Reporting Data Privacy Working Group Meeting Notes



We will use Joyce's webex account for our weekly meetings:



  • Updates and discuss next steps for our group; what do we take to the Reporting SIG, and is there anything further that our group can do at this time?
  • Note Taker: Joyce

Discussion items


Ingolf met on the 17th with Sven Markgraf, who is the Data Privacy Officer not for Ingolf's organization (hbz) but for the ZBW, a FOLIO early implementer and a member of the hbz/GBV FOLIO cooperation.

Sven is able to advise us on specific questions that we send him by email in the near term, but is not able to become more involved in our effort at present. Sven will meet with his own boss and discuss FOLIO in the first week of October. Ingolf gave him an overview of the project and the situation and even showed him samples of some of the specific problem reports during their meeting. Sven will need quite specific questions to be able to provide an answer though, and he also needs to know the context. Ingolf is in contact with Sven via Email. Svenis is fluent in English and Ingolf hopes that Sven can become a member of one or more FOLIO working groups which are concerned with data privacy in future.

Ingolf and I then discussed our next steps.

We would like to present Sven with some specific questions/reports that are a problem. However, Sven does not have time to review all ~35 reports that our group sent up to the Reporting SIG.

Our group will review the current list of problem LDP reports and formulate a couple of specific questions about specific reports as examples for Sven using reports that are hopefully representative. That way, his responses may provide the information we need to know about larger groups of the reports.

Additionally, we will plan to proceed with a presentation to the Product Council. Ingolf would like to draft a presentation and present it to the Sysops groups first. There is a member of the PC there who can provide feedback. He is planning for that presentation to be Sept 27th, and will check with Kirstin Kemner-Heek (the head of the GBV FOLIO team and vice-chair of the PC) about whether Oct 10th might be a good day for the short presentation to PC.

Joyce, Vandana, and Ingolf will need to work on drafting materials (speaking notes and PPT) in a Google drive folder in the mean time. This work will not happen only during our Friday meetings, but in between. We will need to discuss the presentation here in this channel as we proceed. 

I have created a Google drive folder and two documents in which we can work https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q6WZbN1StfYiPCRAxnw6KKtWZdMPsIoc

Meeting Notes

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