2019-07-26 Reporting Data Privacy Working Group Meeting Notes



We will use Joyce's webex account for our weekly meetings:



  • Updates and discuss next steps for our group; what do we take to the Reporting SIG, and is there anything further that our group can do at this time?

Discussion items


Flagged FOLIO Reports:


FOLIO Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet:


There is a technical question and a question about data privacy for each flagged report.

The technical question is can we put this in-app or does it have to be in the LDP ? We would like to not bring any privacy data over to the LDP at all, if possible.

The data privacy questions are:

1. Do we need to anonymize or is there an implicit permission due to the working contract or other contracts (e.g. for using the library) so that we can use the personal data (e.g. for communication between staff members)

2. If we need to anonymize, can we anonymize the data and still run the report (for example, the data can be anonymized for reports which make statements only about groups of people, but not about individuals) ?

Meeting Notes

Action items

Present the above discussion to the Reporting SIG on Monday, July 29nd.