Potential personal data: List of FOLIO attributes

The list of FOLIO attributes that could potentially be considered personal data are contained in the Users module (link to documentation below).


The Reporting Data Privacy Working Group decided that the whole table, user_users, will not be part of the LDP ("will be removed") when anonyomization is turned on.


usernameid name given to patron by system or institution jhandeystring                  
idunique id number given to patron by system or institution7261ecaae3a74dc68b468e12a70b1aecstring
personal/lastNamelast name of patronHandeystring
personal/firstNamefirst name of patronJackstring
personal/middleNamemiddle name of patron (if any)Michaelstring
personal/dateOfBirthbirth date of patron1965-07-08 (year/mo/day format or year/day/mo format?)date
personal/phonepatron's phone number+1 (212) 567-8912string
personal/mobilePhonepatron's mobile phone number+1 (212) 678-9123string
personal/emailpatron's email address


personal/addresses/descriptionType of physical addresses associated with the userpermanent OR temporary OR some other sort?array
personal/addresses/idA unique id for this address given by system or institution
personal/addresses/countryIdThe country code for this address (ISO codes? system codes?)
personal/addresses/addressLine1First line of patron's address1001 Sunrise Blvd.string
personal/addresses/addressLine2Second line of patron's addressApt. 2Dstring
personal/addresses/cityName of city associated with addressTombstonestring
personal/addresses/regionName of region or state associated with addressAZ (Arizona)string
personal/addresses/postalCodePostal code associated with address85638string
personal/addresses/addressTypeIDA UUID that corresponds with an address type object
personal/addresses/primary AddressIs this the user's primary address?Yes OR NoBoolean

In cases where some attributes from the list above are required for an LDP report, the list below proposes replacement attributes that can serve the same purpose.

proposed attribute                                  descriptionexampleformat
personal/agepatron's age, calculated from personal/dateOfBirth  

personal/ageRangepatron's age range, calculated from personal/dateOfBirth   Under 20 years; 21 to 25 years; 26 to 30 years, etc. string