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The Community Outreach SIG aims to keep the community informed of news and events and encourage community engagement in the project. The SIG maintains communication channels, including, Twitter, a community newsletter, the blog and the public calendar and will explore and make recommendations to adopt new channels to enhance communication to the community. The SIG maintains a conference calendar and helps facilitate coordination and submission of topics. The SIG provides shared materials for use by the community, including logos, a branding guide, slide template, a template on how to host a meetup, etc. The SIG will continue to look for ways to enhance communication and engagement in the project.

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The Community Outreach SIG meets via Zoom once a month on Friday at 10:00am Eastern U.S. time (see time in your timezone).  For more details, see the Community Outreach Meetings and Notes.

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For more information about the Community Outreach SIG, contact the convener, Rachel Fadlon.

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