Teams to implement UI end to end integration tests


This decision has been migrated to the Technical Council's Decision Log as part of a consolidation effort.  See:  DR - DR-000031 - Teams to implement UI end to end integration tests


UI Testing Team would like to propose a solution for replacement of Nightmare UI end-to-end integration tests (which has been not maintained by Folio community since the fall of 2020)


  1. Stripes framework should support interactors that can be used for both unit and end-2-end tests
  2. Test runner should minimize false negative test results

Every team will support e-2-e tests for modules according to FOLIO Module/JIRA project-Team-PO-Dev Lead responsibility matrix 


    • Automation of e-2-e tests that will:
      1. Accelerate feedback to dev teams by running these tests frequently (daily). Last attempt to execute manual Smoke test plan had failed:
      2. Reduce number of test cases that needs to be executed manually during BugFest
    • Create e-2-e tests in stages:
      1. Smoke  - 168 tests 
      2. Critical Path - 254 test cases
      3. Extended - 141 test case  (not the final count)
    • Create Jenkins pipeline that will execute these daily against reference environment
    • Enable dev teams to run these tests on demand. The above pipeline should have arguments to execute e-2-e test suite against any URL (Team Rancher Environment, Bug Fest, Implementer staging system)


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