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App Interaction SIG is trying to answer the question whether the need for a new record type - the so called container record - is still existing or whether all existing use cases are covered by the current package POL functionality.

This wiki page is to collect still open requirements related to container use cases. Some requirements may be solved through a Package POL extension, others may need a new record type, e.g. a container record.





Analysis Notes

Package POL extension vs. New record type

Notes from AI discussion

Proposed pattern

Submitted by OR has use case for institution / customers

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Series / Monographic series: add field to record the volume number, that displays in the results list as a sortable column

User needs to get a quick overview over received vs. missing volumes

Results list should be sortable by volume to get this overview easily (volumes may not be published and received in a logical order - so if the titles sort by date entered that would not be sufficient)

Package POL extension


Possible solution: have Piece Caption field display in 2nd pane Overview and make column sortable – Caption field already also displays in Inventory on Holdings record Receiving history.

Martina Schildt (VZG/GBV)



Ability to link receiving title and relevant invoice line

User creates a package POL that stands for a series, the individual titles will be added as receiving titles - each receiving title will be linked to the relevant Inventory instance/holding/item

The payment is against the individual title which should be linkable to the invoice line

Package POL extension


Martina Schildt (VZG/GBV)


Rename Package POL


  1. Container POL
  2. please add


Sara Colglazier 

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4OrdersAbility to edit Package POL Name, Subscription info (to, interval) Publication date, Publisher, Edition, Contributors (including being to add more, and delete any and all again), Product identifiers (including being to add more, and delete any and all again); ALSO: Order Format, & Account number, & Material TypeThe Package POL as Container POL would be optimal if it could be edited/updated as needed as the Ongoing order morphs and evolves over time. Its name and other elements in the top accordion have their source of truth in itself–unlike when the POL title is linked to Inventory. And even then, I can change the info in Inventory, reconnect the Instance to the POL and get all that info to change. But now with the Package POL, once the POL has been saved, it is all locked down–for anachronistic reasons. ... The other fields mentioned also need to be able to be altered over time.
Records in Inventory are not locked down, nor in Agreements, regarding similar elements.
Package POL extension

Sara Colglazier 22 Sep 2023
5OrdersDe-couple the Cost details Quantity from the Location Quantity–Or, possibly even also make the Location Quantity NOT required for Package POLs while enabling the adding of Locations Name (code)-sIn the case of Package POLs it can be that multiple Locations need to be specified, but since the Cost Quantity (1) and Location Quantities (! more than 1) are coupled and have to match, one is forced to find creative ways to have FOLIO allow one to save the POL.Package POL extension

Sara Colglazier 22 Sep 2023
6Receiving OR OrdersRemoval or disconnection of a Package TitleUser adds a title in error and needs to be able to remove or disconnect it again to undo errorPackage POL extension


In Orders: make Add button an Action button with options: Add, or, Remove | in Receiving: make Edit button on Receiving record an Action button with options: Edit, or, Delete–with 2nd step pop-up modal asking for confirmation that one wants to delete the record with mention of the consequences Sara Colglazier 22 Sep 2023

Ability to manage a set of records for resources. It would be great if information could be managed at the container level such as:

for eResources, an end date when these eResources won't be available.

For eResources, ability to manage the prefix, link text, and public note for holdings records at the container level

For any resources, ability to add information such as donor or gift history and bookplate information.

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Use cases




Description / Type of Resource

Subscription dates

Electronic - Vendor Managed Package of eBooks

1Springer eBook Collection: PsychologySpringer
vendor managed package of german Springer ebooks; local licensepackages 2015; 2016; 2017
2Hanser Bautechnik / engineeringHanser
Local license; vendor managed package of e-resourcespackages 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017

Electronic - Individual Package

3Beltz Pick & ChooseBeltz
order minimum of 30 titles; pick and choose your titles individually; ordering via prepaid account is possible

Physical - Monographic Series

4Handbooks of English and American studies: text and theoryDe Gruyter
monographic series; print1.2015 -

Print Journal Membership

5American Association of Variable Star Observers. Package

Package is 5 titles, 4 we discard and one we keep.

P/E Mix - Print & Electronic Journal Bundle


Levant Pack


Bulletin of the Council for British Research in the Levant (print and online)
Contemporary Levant (print and online)
Levant: Journal of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem and the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History (print and online)
So, we would need to check in the print versions of those three journals, and would turn on online access and activate the titles in SFX. You can see how we currently do it by looking at this link:


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