20180614 - June 14, 2018 Meeting Notes



1) Discussed action items from June 6th meeting:

  • Remind PC to submit their comments re: TC Charter (Peter Murray) - DONE. Several people commented on discussion with OLF/FOLIO leadership that we should assume "lazy consensus" has been reached
  • Send out calendar invites to the TC recurring (weekly initially) meeting starting from Thursday, June 14 (mdg) - DONE
  • Setup a TC area on the wiki page (mdg) - DONE

2) Discussed 5 key deliverables and their status:

  • Definition of FOLIO Platform/Core Apps – Jakub (lead) + Vince
    • We spent most of the meeting on this item. Jakub shared the doc. A few takeaways:
      1. The reason that the definition of FOLIO Platform vs Core Apps vs Extended/Secondary Apps is twofold:
        1. The community desires a vocabulary, especially in the case where another application domain wants to use/share FOLIO the platform but needs its own set of Core Apps
        2. The Tech Council will use these definitions to determine its level of governance over technical matters (i.e. more attention paid to Platform and Core Apps than Extended/Secondary)
      2. We struggled to establish labels for these concepts that everyone felt comfortable with. We landed on FOLIO Platform, FOLIO LSP Core and FOLIO LSP Extended Apps. We expect these to change.
      3. We will try and come to consensus on the labels, and then seek external opinions, perhaps enlisting Marketing to finalize them.
      4. Would be nice to flesh out "rules" that decide which bucket an item falls into, as well as plenty of examples
  • Define an RFC process and establish an infrastructure to capture/process RFCs  -- Vince (lead) + Jakub. Vince shared the doc. Didn't have time to really present
  • Definition of Done – Mark V. Mark shared the doc. Didn't have time to discuss.
  • Onboarding documentation/process for developers, testers, etc – Zak is still compiling his notes. He will share doc/present at next week's meeting.
  • Establish Process for engaging TCs -- mdg.  Mike shared the doc. Didn't have time to discuss.

3) Established action items for next week's meeting:

  • Review, comment and/or be prepared to review the above list. No new action items.