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Management of Gold and Transformative Open Access agreements, and the related recording, verification and funding of OA publications.

This includes (preliminary):

  • Recording OA agreement components
  • Recording of OA publication requests
  • Recording of compliance rules
  • Recording of funding agency
  • Recording of publication data
  • Recording communication
  • Manual verifikation/approval
  • Dashboard/Alerts
  • Linking cost elements
  • Push data to OpenAPC


FOLIO Forum - Introducing the Open Access app on Youtube (November 30, 2022)

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Project Presentation, Product Council May 20, 2021

SIG Meeting Recordings


This is an open working group, feel free to participate on a regular or topical basis.

NameFocus of WorkOrganization / Job TitleOA Project Role

Product Owner Agreements, Licenses, and Open Access business functionalities

Product Owner
Development Lead of Agreements, Licenses, and Open Access business functionalitieshttps://www.k-int.comDev Lead
UX/UI Designer Agreements, Licenses, and Open Access business functionalitieshttps://www.k-int.comUX/UI Lead
Digital Services, Application management; Local Folio implementation leadLeipzig University Library, Deputy Head Digital ServicesConvener, Project Manager
Martin BauschmannOpen Access ManagerLeipzig University LibrarySubject Matter Expert
Christina PrellOpen Access ManagerUniversity Library of RegensburgSubject Matter Expert
Peter SbrzesnySystems Librarian, ACQ SIG memberVZG - Headquarter of Common Library Network (GBV)Subject Matter Expert
Peter McCrackenElectronic Resources LibrarianCornell UniversitySubject Matter Not-So-Expert
Jasmin Heuer Open Access Team MemberGoethe University Frankfurt Library Subject Matter Consultant
Vanessa Gabriel Open Access ManagerUniversity Library of LMU MunichSubject Matter Expert
Open Access ManagerSLUB Dresden

Subject Matter Expert

Lukas Burkhardt Open Access Manager, PR, VuFind UXTechnical University o.A.S. Würzburg-SchweinfurtSubject Matter Expert (apparently)

About Us

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Meeting Recordings

SIG Meeting Recordings


Monthly meetings, every second Thursday of the month

EST/EDT: 8:30 AM (Eastern U.S. time, following daylight saving time rules for the Eastern U.S. timezone, i.e. basis meeting time)

See this time in your timezone

BST: 1:30 PM (British Summer Time)

CEST: 2:30 PM (Central European Summer Time)

Consider different dates for the changeover to winter or summer time.

Zoom: Open ZOOM session - Important: You will need a passcode to enter the meeting. The standard ZOOM passcode in the FOLIO project we use can be found here.

Meeting ID: 826 4378 0981

Agendas will be sent via Slack and mailing list.

SIG Convener

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact the convener via email or Slack.

Project Fund

First project phase (Jun 2021 - Feb 2022) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).