Resource/Format working group (joint MM and RA SIG working group)


Index DataLibrarian. Analyst. PO of the Inventory
Index DataSupport Engineer and
NCSUAssociate Head, Acquisitions and Discovery (Monographs). Convener of the
Laura E DanielsU of Colorado, BoulderSerials Cataloging Manager (member MM SIG)

University of ChicagoHead, Data Management
Pat WiliiamsUniversity of Chicago

Head, Copy Cataloging
Deb LambCornellAccess Services (Hospitality, Labor and Business Library)

ZBW / GBVMetadata Librarian (member MM SIG)
Andrea LoigmanDukeHead, Access & Delivery

Meeting notes:

  1. Meeting 1/31/2018 - see:
  2. Meeting 2/5/2018 - see:
  3. Meeting 2/13/2018 - see :
  4. (note) Meeting 4/23/2018 - see:


Inventory Metadata Elements - see:

MARC mapping document:

Item type facets / Marc fixed fields for Resource/Format types examples spreadsheet:

Discuss post (July 2017): Resource Type in the Codex

Overview of the BIBFRAME 2.0 Model

Notes on various vocabularies that may or may not be useful (5 Feb 2018): Resource Type vs Format Type

Resource/Format/Material Type spreadsheet – please dump material types or item types your current system uses into the Material Type column: Resource_Format_MaterialType


  • make a recommendation on what data elements should exist in the Inventory "Resource type" and "Format type" fields
  • determine MARC mappings as appropriate


We expect that the working group would only need to meet 2-3 times to complete the work.