Performance Improvement EPIC: Enable Read/Write

Technical council overview APPROVED 

Background: PTF has conducted testing on enabling Read/Write and results have shown improved CICO performance (significant) and data import (moderate). Goal is to apply this to all modules that support this capability. 

Poppy Release

  • R/W CICO - Development: Vega   - CIRC-1777 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Implementation: CIRC-1788 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Team Testing - enable R/W  CIRCSTORE
      • Manual QA and AQA smoke testing 
      • PO smoke testing
      • PTF testing  
  • R/W Data import : Folijet  MODSOURMAN-966 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Team Testing - enable R/W  MODSOURMAN
      • Manual QA and AQA smoke testing 
      • PO smoke testing 
      • PTF testing
  • R/W Acquisitions 
    • Implementation:
      • mod-invoice-storage //waiting verification from PTF team
      • mod-organization-storage //waiting verification from PTF team
      • mod-orders //waiting verification from PTF team
      • mod-orders-storage //waiting verification from PTF team
      • mod-finance-storage MODFISTO-402 - Getting issue details... STATUS (separate feature created UXPROD-4321 - Getting issue details... STATUS XXL size, PO decided to move to Q release as it's too risky to implement it in Poppy)
    • Team Testing - enable R/W  MODFISTO
      • Enable RW split on Orchid bugfest - BF-496 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
        • Execute Katare test before and after enabling
        • Execute E2E test after enabling
      • Manual QA and AQA smoke testing 
      • PO smoke testing
      • PTF testing  
        • mod-invoice-storage
        • mod-organization-storage
        • mod-orders
        • mod-orders-storage
        • mod-finance-storage
  • Challenges
    • Teams cannot do unit testing until RMB-938 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
      • Karate test impact - may need to run in two modes with and without R/W enabled. 

Next steps for Poppy release

  • Kitfox: add possibility to test RW split on Rancher env
  • Martin to discuss R/W to Folijet and Vega dev leads and determine work required
  • Vega and Folijet dev leads need to create user stories. 
  • Vega review  CIRC-1666 - Getting issue details... STATUS and possibly re-open issue. Will be done under CIRC-1788 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Martin/Oleksii/Sasha B. define a test plan (including environments) for - Planned be ready for review at  
    • Development/QA
    • PO 
    • PTF
  • Martin to define technical definition of done 
  • Khalilah to discuss with Steph and Ann-Marie that this work maybe included in Poppy based on technical discussion and creation of requirements
  • Martin to create a UXPROD feature for Poppy 

Poppy2 Release and beyond

Next steps

  • Martin to create a UXPROD feature/epic to describe the business value of this change. 
  • Martin to link already created stories to UXPROD feature/epic 
  • Martin to discuss with key stakeholders need to implement feature/epic and recommended completion date 
    • Oleksii to schedule call with Mark, Lee, Yogesh, Sobha, Vince, Olamide, Vijay 
  • Based on key stakeholders, release manager/PO lead/PM  will work with Martin to outline an implementation plan (if necessary) 
  • Martin will discuss feature with dev leads
  • Testing plan must be discussed
  • PO lead will coordinate a meeting to discuss with POs
  • Oleksii/Denis?  will monitor implementation status 


Long term 



  1. What about spring modules? [grab from TC document]
    1. Discuss with SpringForce team → Oleksii Petrenko
  2. How can we test earlier? 
    1. We can. Implemented support on Rancher
    2. Steve implemented RMB-938 to execute unit tests
  3. How to make sure this is enabled in bugfest environment?
    1. Include RW enable step to Poppy bugfest environment preparation plan → Oleksii Petrenko 
  4. How is this tested to determine performance improvements before any code changes are made? 
    1. Include to RW split testing strategy (baseline, functional aspect) → Oleksandr Bashtynskyi 
    2. Define scope of workflows for modules that support RW Split → Martin Tran 

To Do: 

  • Get a recording (TC)