Performance testing : eholdings title+package (aka resource)export

Modules needed

  • ui-eholdings / mod-ebscokbjava
  • ui-agreements/mod-agreements
  • mod-tags
  • ui-notes/mod-notes
  • export manager modules

Testing expectations 

  • Export is only one row
  • Export each resource singularly of same user
  • AND export all 5 resources concurrently as concurrent downloads of different resources maybe common across several users
  • AND export all 5 resources across two users with each user assigned to different KBs 


Export eholdings resources testing setup instructions 

  • Have two KBs setup in the environment 
    • Use production KB credentials
  • Setup five logins to test export concurrently  
  • Assign Access status type to 4 resources
  • Leave one resource unselected  
  • Add custom labels details 
  • Add 5 tags to each resource 
  • Add 5 Agreements to each of these resources 
  • Add 10 notes to each resource record 
  • Keep at least one of the resources unselected 
  • Once complete run below Scenario for each of the below resources
  • For notes - use script to write notes to these resources. Attached is the note you can add to each resource. 

List of resources to export

Resource export scenario

  1. Click on the links above OR replace the base URL with the testing environment base URL
  2. Record displays in Full pane
  3. Select Actions dropdown and select Export
  4. Modal displays and proceed with export
  5. Go to Export Manager 
  6. Click on Export Job ID to download resource export (format csv)