Performance Testing - Definition of Done

Please note that all items in checklist marked with [M] are mandatory.


User Story/Bug

System Demo/Review


[M] OKAPI and modules logs are reviewed Y

[M] Database logs are reviewed for slow queries


[M] Missing indexes are identifiedY

[M] Workflow is profiled and slowest methods are captured (when applicable)Y

[M] Performance issues are identified


[M] Report is created and reviewed by at least one team member


[M] Comments by the reviewers in the report are addressedY

[M] JMeter Test script's pull request is created (updated), reviewed and approved by at least 1 one team memberY

[M] JMeter Test script for data preparation is created

Explanation for data preparation JMeter Test script  is added to confluence page 

[M] All new JMeter Test scripts are added to Master Scripts by default