Spike: MODKBEKBJ-127 - Modularize JMeter mod-kb-ebsco-java tests

MODKBEKBJ-127 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The main goal of the spike is to propose a structure of performance tests for mod-kb-ebsco-java module.

Proposed structure to modularize tests 

The following article of Modularize test practices describes couple approaches, which can be implemented for our case.

Here is the scenario

  • Each test plan will be stored separately with own Test Plan .jmx file, like at a picture 

  • commonly used parts proposed to be stored as separate files which are able to reuse by using Include Controller

The difference between Include and Module Controller is that Module controller is used to call a logic controller in the Test Plan, Include Controller is used for referencing an existing .jmx file itself.

Here is the list of sections which can be re-used across the tests

  • User Login part - to save user token for future use in tests
  • Save RMAPI Config  – to save the current configuration for RM API from environment that is being tested
  • Set RMAPI Config - to update environment with RM API configuration associated with the tests
  • Restore RMAPI Config - to restore prior settings for RM API Configuration.
  • Set up user permission kb-ebsco.all for the current user
  • Tear down user permission kb-ebsco.all for the current user

So, the the existing providers test plan we will have following structure 

and results of the execution available in three variants, which can be enabled for local usage.