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Proposal UB Leipzig and SLUB Dresden

Initial proposal on claims for monographs

OUTDATED Proposals on sending orders - version 2 (Google Präsentation)
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1y3f4gXkmv_qoZ25otHPuN4JG2Rop9cxu25QttglFKuA/edit#slide=id.g13f884716d0_0_85 - Slides 07-12


App Organisations

  • The accordion “Integration details”, which is currently only used for EDI, should be expanded for the following sending methods
    • E-mail: The order is created as text and send via e-mail 
    • Postal: The order is created as PDF file and saved in a specific folder to print for postal shipping
  • In “Integration information” it is possible to assign one default-integration to the organisation by checkbox
    • The default-integration should be applicable across all kinds of integration (EDI, e-mail, …) and all integrations of one kind - for example, if several EDI-integration are available. 
    • The default-integration is selected automatically in the orders of the organisation  
  • If no integration is created, the orders concerning the vendor should not be created/sent
    • This may occur, if orders are only placed by phone, … - the checkbox sent is then activated manually
  • Further questions/implementations
    • Create a concept to add distinctive “Integration details” (EDI, e-mail, …) via the action button “Add integration”
    • Create a draft for the necessary fields and layout for each sending method (EDI, e-mail, …)
    • Decide, if for one vendor several integrations can be applied
    • Show the default integration in the overview table, as for example textual in a new column or by an icon which is added to the integration name. Otherwise, the editing mode needs to be activated to identify the default integration. 
    • Discuss, if the configuration of each vendor with the same integration is necessary - alternatives:
      • Definition of Integrations in the settings
      • Create template for integrations like the templates for orders

Example: Integration details of an organisation

App Orders

  • In Accordion "Vendor" of the the PO Line details, a list of the configured integration details of the vendors should be available.
    •  It could be realized according to the field "Account number", which offers the configured account numbers of the vendor.
  • The default-integration should be set automatically
    • It should be possible to select another integration detail if several ones are defined for one organisation.  

Example: Integration detail in an order
(the exact position of "integration name" can be adjusted)

Outdated example of integration information in PO line

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