FYRO warning/error/failed/success messages

It was suggested to capture messages generated from FYRO to help other libraries who are new to the process or about to do their next FYRO be better prepared or potentially help ease anxiety (smile)

FOLIO release you are onexample of warning/error/failed/success messagesTime of your FYRO (month/year)How was it resolved if applicable or comments/your nameJIRA ticket info if applicableNotes

"Rollover poLines by chunks failed" got this error message and actual rollover failed for both smaller ledgers while rollover tests were successful for both ledgers (example screenshot of one of the smaller ledgers)

June 2023EBSCO FSE response -  this error is connected to performance and infrastructure in Nolana, they are looking to get it fixed soon.  Was told they implemented improvements in Orchid to have this resolved already.  (Dung-Lan Chen, Skidmore College); Told by EBSCO FSE ... they executed a script to fix encumbrances (there were some encumbrances in unreleased status but should be in released - as a result they couldn't be removed during order rollover and failed). It was fixed!!
Make sure you run FYRO in Chrome if you don't normally use Chrome as the browser!!

"duplicate key value violates unique constraint "transaction_pkey" got this error for our major ledger rollover which also failed

June 2023Contacted EBSCO FSE and waiting for response; EBSCO FSE responded they executed a script that did a rollover for order lines that failed for the first try.  That script worked and got the error fixed.  (Dung-Lan Chen, Skidmore College);

3Nolana hf1 "Rollover has completed with errors, Budget close Success, Order rollover Error, Financial rollover Success"
504 Gateway Time-out
June 2023Pending (Aaron Neslin, 5C) - Allegedly an architecture issue with Nolana