2024-02-06 Acquisitions Meeting notes: un receivable items


Feb 6, 2024


Aaron Neslin

Julie Stauffer

Okay Okonkwo

Alissa Hafele

Kimberly Pamplin

Peter Breternitz

Ann Crowley

Kimberly Smith

Peter Sbrzesny

Catherine Tuohy

Kimberly Wiljanen

Rhonda Fuhrmann

Daniel Huang

Kristin Martin

Sara Colglazier

Dung-Lan Chen

Lauren Seney

Stephanie Larrison

Dwayne Swigert

Lisa Maybury

Steve Selleck

Heather McMillan

Lisa Smith

Susanne Gill

Jackie Magagnosc

Lucinda Williams

Susie Skowronek

Jean Pajerek

Masayo Uchiyama

Sven Thomsen

Joe Reimers

Nancy Pelis

Timothy Nelson

John Banionis

Nina Stellmann

Winter White



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    • Continue to discuss ongoing & one time orders receiving scenarios in relation to PO/POL status and the handling of un receivable items of one-time orders, etc. (continue from last Friday, Feb. 2, discussions)

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  • Continue to discuss ongoing & one time orders receiving scenarios in relation to PO/POL status and the handling of un receivable items of one-time orders, etc. (continue from last Friday, Feb. 2, discussions)

  • Sara can talk about issues she has experienced with ongoing orders.

  • Are there any questions/ discussion on one time orders related to un receivable.

  • Kimberly Smith: If we mark an item as un receivable, the POL is complete and the PO would be marked as closed.

  • Joe: That mirrors our business logic. The question is, that in order for the order to be moved to a closed state, the pol’s get moved to a fully received state. What we are working on is will that cause confusion if part of the pol will never be received.

    • Kimberly - as an accountant - I don’t like the fully received if it’s not.

    • Sara: If you pay for it, then get a refund, so it’s not fully received. How do you close the order?

    • Joe: Cancel it?

    • Sara: In the old system, you can say “vendor canceled” or “library canceled”, what are my options in the drop down in folio? What can I change the receiving status to to close the order? The story is there are multiple items, only one is not coming in.

      • Receipt not required

      • But that is also wrong.

      • Others have been just canceling the po and creating a new one.

    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:13 PM
      We would update the PO/POL and put notes in the record so that the order could close.

    • Joe: Edit the POL from the original # to the new #. But am not sure how that affects other workflows.

    • Sara: Can potentially change the price.

    • Kristin: If we are buying a set, and the set has a set price, we would do an Independent quantity. It doesn’t really matter what the per volume price is. If we set it up as a standing order, we pay per volume.

    • Sara: You don’t always know it’s a multi volume set when you place the order.

    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:21 PM
      We use synchronous but only create 1 piece, with comment, x pieces expected in set.

  • Sara: Can we have the same options for closure at the POL level as we have at the PO level?

  • Joe: Now that we have added an un receivable accordion, what would you like to see happen, and how do balance that functionality with efficiency. We haven’t figured out is how to balance discrepancies with encumbrances and similar.

  • Sara: There just needs to be a better understanding of one time and ongoing po’s. She had an order that she had paid the invoice, closed the po. Then the last two issues came in and it reopened the order.

  • Kristin: Has received items against a closed one time order, and it didn’t reopen it. It would be interesting to see if it’s a difference in between one time orders and ongoing orders.

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:33 PM
    It's outstanding with us too
    We've reported this, too. Our ongoing order re-opening when we receive a piece on a cancelled PO. We are glad about version history when this happens!

  • Sara: Folio was built around one time orders, and there is a lot of not great things about ongoing orders.

  • Joe: I think I remember that in Quesnelia we addressed orders not getting reopened.

  • scolglaz 12:37 PM
    Joe, not just for Cancelled, right? For any reason of Closure

  • Kristin: Might need to be a standardized data for reporting because you are looking through things for a specialized reason. Chicago only does one line po’s. What are use cases we might want to address to hone in on some of the points to help Joe…..

  • Joe Reimers (EBSCO) 12:37 PM
    I need to look, but I believe we were changing the logic to "once it's closed, it stays closed"

  • Kimberly Smith (MTSU) 12:40 PM
    Does "Fully Received" have to be the Receipt Status or could a new status be created?

  • Joe: the conversation is helpful and leads to more questions… when you have partially received and partially un receivable should there be an interaction with funds and encumbrance's and what should it be… or am I overthinking this… However, it is very clear we need to be deliberate in ongoing orders vs one time and respecting those status.

  • Ann Crowley 12:43 PM
    Encumbrances really don't work right - so thinking about that is great

  • Julie Stauffer 12:44 PM
    I would be careful about tying "unreceivable" to commitments -- the person making those receiving decisions may not be knowledgeable about po funding.

  • Joe: Would it help to have something in an actions menu that says to close POL?

    • If you do that, what is the status? Just closed?

      • joe: The POL would let the PO know the order is resolved. We can have predefined reasons, or a setting in settings you can add. (System defined or library defined reasons)

      • Kristin: Do POL’s close right now? Is this different functionality?

      • Sara: In Poppy - if something ceases, goes into POL to close, it will automatically close the po with a status of complete. At po level, can choose close, then under drop down, choose cease, but then the POL remains ongoing.

  • Kristin: With one time orders, we don’t care about a reason. But with a subscription, it’s much more common to want a reason for for closure.

  • scolglaz 12:55 PM
    That is, I just went in and marked the POL as Fully Received & Fully Paid, and bam the Order closed and the encumbrance released. …. I will test partial now --- this is Poppy DryRun

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