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Daylight Savings time starts in the US on Sunday, March 12. FOLIO meetings shift accordingly.

The China FOLIO conference was held last week. Over 700 attendees in-person and 20,000 attendees online, including leaders, librarians, researchers and developers from 128 public libraries, 106 academic libraries and 33 companies in the library industry. See  See Smart, Inclusive, and Exceeding: Towards Metaverse Library 3.0for more details.

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SIG updates:

 SIG ConvenersSee heading below
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Topics for future meetings

  • Elections
  • Revisit definitions

Half of the product council is up for election, and the process is being reviewed. Reach out to any PC member to learn about what it entails. Your institution must be a member of FOLIO, and the bylaws say that only one member from each institution per council.

Definitions document:
Chairs of the councils have been working on revisions. This might be ready for next week.


  • Implementers is going to have a pretty quiet March.
    • March 14, 2023: Tara will be away. We wanted to do another Bugfest working session like we did last year, and I was hoping I could get a volunteer who has done Bugfest to promise to show up?
    • March 21, 2023: No agenda--this slot is open if anyone has a topic.
    • March 28, 2023: Data Import. Note: this goal of this session will be to help newer users understand the conversations happening elsewhere, not to collect additional problems with data import.
  • A couple topics are scheduled for April: Topic Calendar and Idea Bank - 2024. Other ideas are welcome and appreciated!
  • A little behind on notes, but will catch up soon. 🙂


  • We compared the different external workflow solutions that have been presented to App Interaction SIG → relevant meeting notes | February 13th
  • Discussed possible next steps
  • Jeremy Huff from TAMU presented again on mod-camunda work and current status of development
    • Mod-camunda/mod-workflow  is planned to be part of future flower releases
    • To raise awareness we aim for a discussion with PC
    • We plan to compare functionality with existing in app workflow needs
  • Next topics: printing in FOLIO and further UX/UI needs


  • We’ve had only three meetings since the last PC SIG updates in February.  Three meetings got canceled when Dennis was out of the office and not receiving interest from the group wanting to meet to discuss something 
  • We made some progress discussing Implementers’ Topics in one meeting
  • We completed ACQ SIG Convenor survey (16 responses) & shared the survey feedback in a recent meeting.  Heather and I answered questions raised in the survey and clarified what our roles are as co-convenors and proposed actions we can take (such as inviting new members to introduce themselves if they’d like, stay longer after meeting ends to meet with new members if they could stay, offer opportunities for people to speak before main agenda begins in each meeting, etc.)  
  • This Tuesday (March 7), Scott Perry presented “Chicago’s Invoicing/Voucher Workflow” & Q&A.  This topic is of great interest to implementers and also to those who plan to implement soon, so we had a larger group of attendees and rather lively discussions.  Dennis suggested in Slack channel after the meeting to dedicate an upcoming meeting to further discuss the architecture and use cases of how people are using external systems to retrieve/update invoicing and voucher data, etc. that can be add to
    Jira Legacy
    serverSystem JiraJIRA
    . ACQ SIG will continue conversations around this important topic for sure. 
    Meeting notes and recording of Scott’s presentation (March 7) are available if interested.


  • Discussed how to improve onboarding of new SIG members | Meeting minutes Feb 14th
  • Next meeting March 28th about definition and charge of SIG membership