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  • No meeting this Friday (6/24)
:03Creation of Orders via MARC Bibs: Key topics/decisions for Nolana, 1 of 6Ann-Marie Breaux
  • Will import support creating and updating orders or just creating?
    • For Nolana, just creation.
    • Expect that the majority will be one-time orders ordered on vendor site or just showing up (approvals).
    • No uses cases for updating identified.
  • In create scenarios, might match be needed in orders app?
    • For Nolana, no match.
    • No use cases for match identified.
    • (~:14 after), returned to this point in discussion with Sara Colglazier: 
      • Trustworthy matches: product IDs or vendor reference numbers
      • Standing order, but also get something coming in for one of the titles on the standing order. No good match for that.
  • Will import support one-time orders and ongoing orders?
    • Main use case is one-time orders.
    • Also no Package POs/POLs
    • No use cases for ongoing identified.
  • Should field mapping profiles show all PO/POL fields?   
    • In PO/POL, some fields only show for ongoing vs. one-time, electronic vs. physical vs. both, etc.
    • If only supporting one-time orders to start with, is it better to get rid of all the ongoing stuff? 
    • Per response would make sense to keep those out.
    • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:23 PM
      I think it would be more confusing to leave them in.
    • Some field mapping profiles where information is defaulted so that you cannot change it (e.g. invoice defaulted to "open"). 

:25 Creation of Orders via MARC Bibs: Key topics/decisions for Nolana, 2 of 6Ann-Marie Breaux
  • Should orders be created as pending or open
    • Would include required field at top that allows user to set status.
  • POL limits: follow the existing setting or override? (~:32 after)
    • If override, might they vary from one import profile to another? Yes
    • Probably will use a field at the top of the profile (e.g. do you want to follow the standard purchase order line limit?)
    • (~:38 after) Returned to this point with Sara:
      • Would it be possible to make a difference between it's an approval vs. MARC records based on firm orders? 
        • Would be two different job profiles. 
      • How does FOLIO recognize which one is which? 
        • There's nothing in FOLIO right now that automates the pick-up or push through. Human who is doing importing will hopefully know.
        • Either picking up from a different subdirectory or something in the file name that is a clue.
        • Scheduling profile:
          • Not in place yet
          • Need to know which vendor, what type of records (E/P, AP/DDA/FO)
          • Subfolder, element in file name, ftp address, account number?
  • Will it create separate POs per Invoice? (~:36 after )
    • No, only can create separate POs based on POL limit, not on data in records
    • If needed, ask vendor to separate MARC files by invoice. Set POL limit higher than maximum lines expected on that vendor's invoice.
  • Should field mapping profiles use order templates? (~:44 after)
    • No. The field mapping profile and its mapped default data already acts as a template. Once set up, does not need to be re-created. 
    • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:46 PM
      That makes sense to me!

:46Creation of Orders via MARC Bibs: Key topics/decisions for Nolana, 3 of 6Ann-Marie Breaux
  • Include an option to auto-receive or not? (~:46 after)
    • Easiest if order is created as Open, not when order is created as Pending
      • Would it be possible to create as pending? e.g. Approvals, review the pending PO, then open and auto-receive at that point (maybe do that post-Nolana?)
    • Discussion regarding auto-receiving. 
    • Probably yes. Can include as check-box at top of the field-mapping profile.
    • Created as pending, but immediately opened. 
  • Will receiving pieces be created? (~:56 after)
    • Not separately by Data Import; depends on the Orders app opening the PO.
  • Should acq unit settings be honored? (~:56 after)
    • Yes. Whoever is doing the import needs to be a part of the acq unit or it needs to allow non-users to do it.
  • (~1:00 after)
:57Creation of Orders via MARC Bibs: Key topics/decisions for Nolana, 4 of 6Ann-Marie Breaux
  • What if the order is for multiple copies and multiple locations? (~:57 after)
    • May be able to create multiple locations. Maybe can put the right quantities.
    • Need to talk through with developers.
    • If you are bringing in records to update, you cannot do that right now with data import. 
  • Does the order app open the orders and trigger Inventory creation, or does DI trigger Inventory creation? (~:59 after)
    • Still TBD, with devs
  • If opening the order creates the Inventory records, include an option to ignore instance matching and always create a new instance? (~1:00 after)
    • Yes, like the Order setting
1:00Creation of Orders via MARC Bibs: Key topics/decisions for Nolana, 5 of 6Ann-Marie Breaux
  • In a job profile that creates orders, but also creates/updates Inventory and SRS records, do the actions need to be in a specific sequence? (~1:00 after)
    • Still TBD, needs discussion with devs
  • Does this replace the Lehigh app and its various permutations? (~1:01 after)
    • Coexists with
1:01Creation of Orders via MARC Bibs: Key topics/decisions for Nolana, 6 of 6Ann-Marie Breaux
  • Can it create invoices from the MARC data? (~1:01 after)
    • Not in Nolana.
  • Can it create/assign order notes?
    • No. 
  • Can it create/assign tags
    • No, not yet.