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Release Dashboards (maintained by lead PO)Calendar (maintained by release manager)
PoppyR2 2023
QuesnaliaR3 2023R1 2024

Functional area dashboards (built from product owner feature labels)

Metadata Management

Resource AccessResource Management
ERMUser ManagementAcquisitions


Miscellaneous dashboards
Unscheduled issueshttps://issuesfolio-org.folioatlassian.orgnet/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12823


  •  Library of filters that apply to apps but that can be used in different dashboards, like both ERM and Acq might want the orders filters or something. Name the filters in a way that is findable for dashbuilders.
  •  Make agreement about release flip- when dashboard filters move from one release to the next
  •  Wiki page covering dashboard maintenance and creation