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00:23:50	Brooks Travis:	Not sure why there's a conflation of those two things (support and license/IP assignment)?
00:24:52	Ian Walls:	I think the conflation was between the assignment of copyright to OLF with the license applied to the code.
00:25:10	Ian Walls:	I think 'support' is a little ambiguous
00:25:58	Brooks Travis:	That's how OS licenses work. To effectively maintain an OS license, there needs to be a clear copyright holder who has the authority to enforce that license.
00:26:31	Brooks Travis:	“maintain” would probably be a better term
00:26:32	Ian Walls:	of course.  but the copyright holder does not need to be OLF
00:27:35	Brooks Travis:	my understanding is that holding copyright assignments was (one of) the reasons that OLF was created in the first place, no?
00:31:12	Tiewei Liu:	Something we can look at when discuss the functional criteria ( It was created by China’s folio community.
00:35:33	Steph Buck:	Yes, the OLF came out of a need for a non-profit neutral organization to be a home for FOLIO's IP. Now, the OLF has expanded the open source projects in it’s purview, including VuFind
00:36:27	Tod Olson:	++SB
00:37:13	Brooks Travis:	Yeah, again, if someone wants to build their own apps/modules that work with the FOLIO platform, they can do that. It just won't be part of the official platform/product unless it goes through that process, no?
00:39:11	Brooks Travis:	If a contributor does't comply with their MOU, they're going to, at least, burn good will for future participation in the project.
00:40:03	Peter Murray:	That was good, Ian: The "product" is the flower release, and Product Council determines what is in a flower release.
00:47:23	Gang Zhou (SHL):	What is the future direction ? FOLIO is a platform, may like Android and Apps?
                                        1. Platform and CORCORE Apps will be included in future release
                                           They are owned by the community under the license apacheApache 2.
                                           These new apps will be applied to the criteria.

                                        2. All The vendors can develop and contribute their Apps.
                                           If the apps could beare contributed to the community,  shall the community have a certification process? The apps will be under license Apache2 , but are not included in the FOLIO release 
       if                                    If the  apps are not open source, shall the community encourage it?
                                           If the FOLIO has App store in future, all these apps may be download in store.
00:49:34	Ian Walls:	I think it's important to clearly differentiate between the 'core' of FOLIO (which I've been calling the 'Platform') from the modules that make an LSP (the 'Product', which is currently named after flowers)
00:50:47	Ian Walls:	different projects could then share the Platform (FOLIO LSP and ReShare)
00:52:47	Tod Olson:	On not-open-source apps, I would think that could be FOLIO-recommended/FOLIO-compatible.
00:53:13	Tod Olson:	I prefer "FOLIO-compatible" for this reason.
00:53:19	Ian Walls:	Tod++
00:53:25	Gang Zhou (SHL):	Tod+
00:53:26	Brooks Travis:	yeah
00:53:33	Charlotte Whitt:	Filip Jakobsen did a UX design of the FOLIO App store
00:56:59	Ian Walls:	I recall talking about this in SysOps
00:58:18	Peter Murray:	Index Data has been studying the modular nature of FOLIO based on Mike Taylor's "International Journal of Librarianship" article:
00:59:17	Tod Olson:	Nice repo name/acronym: mafia
01:00:48	Charlotte Whitt:	<3
01:02:36	Anya:	New Live on FOLIO Libraries

​University of Melbourne-ERM

Lafayette College - Full Folio

East Central Oklahoma U - Full Folio
01:05:20	Anya:	thanks