2023-05-17 Meeting notes



Discussion items

1 minScribeAll

Jakub Skoczen, followed by <??>

10 minutes maxTCR Board Review


nothing new

5 minCC / PC Updates

  • Marc Johnson PC is having discussions about Data Import that might have an impact on the TC work
  • Craig McNally shared some background for these: perceived problems reported by various institutions may coincide with work led by Taras Spashchenkoto address DI issues
  • Ingolf Kuss: during the last TC meeting it was mentioned that TC should only accept TCRs approved/originating from the PC (to be discussed later)
  •  Jenn Colt: post on the internal Slack mentioned changes planned for the DI module, things like Kafka configuration may be relevant for the TC architectural review
  • Tod Olson: specific documents capturing DI issues reported by various libraries (specifically ARLEF) mentioned in the PC meeting notes 2023-06-01 Product Council Meeting notes
1 minElectionsAll
  • Voting window is open
1 minWOLFcon planning
  • Call out for ideas for WOLFco sessions out.
5-10 min

Technical Council Sub Groups Updates


  • Hosting costs: no updates
  • Breaking changes: no updates, meeting planned for next week
  • Improvements to the TCR process:
    • Craig McNally surprise by the PC that consortia modules were approved given that the TCR did originate with the PC
    • Marc Johnson: plan on how to improve the process to be discussed in the subgroup
  • Java 17: RFC is out but working group will look into it
  • Dist vs centralized config:
    • Craig McNally the deprecation statement in mod-configuration will be updated to reflect the fact that mod-settings is an alternative but recommends storing sensitive information within the module
    • Expect a statement regarding deprecation
    • Gathering various links for the subgroup to review
    • Slack channel: #tc-distributed-vs-centralized-config
  • Architectural review: no updates, postponed
5 minUpcoming meetings

5-10 minRFCsAll
  • Kafka RFC:
    • Olamide Kolawole comments from Julian, TC is asked to review the comments by Monday for a special meeting
    • Tod Olson question if the Kafka security should be in scope for the RFC
5-10 minPossible Budget Surplus
  • CC meeting happens next Monday (5/22) but earlier during the day so TC members can attend both this and the Kafka RFC meeting
  • TC members  Flesh out the ideas before the meeting
5-10 minOfficially Supported Technologies - UpkeepAll
  • Craig McNally successfully locked down the pages so that only TC members can edit
  • Craig McNally will roll out the headers to the remaining pages
5-10 min

Browser support

  • Zak Burke more time is needed to collect support from the community
time permittingTerminology DocumentAll
  • Craig McNally the term "platform" is something that we wanted to revisit but the terminology document otherwise has been accepted by the three councils
  • Craig McNally what is the urgency on this?
  • Jenn Colt has been talking with Marc Johnson on Slack and was thinking that could be part of a larger conversation about architecture
  • Marc Johnson is okay leading this conversation and rolling it into the Architecture discussion,  we could use platform as the first topic on the Architecture sub-group

Craig McNally mentioned that there were concerns about relaxing tenant separation in the consortia module. Should the TC discuss this during a Monday morning meeting?

Ingolf Kuss it should be discussed with the Security group along with the architects of the functionality (Olamide Kolawole) rather than on the TC

Craig McNally let's schedule it for the following Monday and take it from there, next steps could involve creating a sub-group or involving the security team. Craig will check with the sec team about it.

Marc Johnson suggests that we use the reminder of time to discuss the sec aspect of the RFC but Olamide Kolawole has left

Topic Backlog

Action Items

  • Craig McNally to investigate using Confluence's page restrictions to limit editing of the officially supported technologies lists
  • Jeremy Huff will propose a list of statuses for the officially supported technologies documents
  • Jeremy Huff will add a description of the process for changes to the officially supported technology processes to the top level page