2024-05-17 Sys Ops & Management SIG Agenda and Meeting notes

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Welcome Joseph Molloy of the Spokane Public Library !

Meeting Notes 05/17

Joseph is in the Workflow SIG. Workflow SIG usually meets at the same time as SysOps (sad)

SysAdmin for Spokane 8 years, then department manager and project manager for FOLIO. Three developers work in his team.

They are building FOLIO-centric alternative tools, a home-brewed FOLIO Stripes application.

Spkoane leads a Consortium: Spokane Public Schools; Absorbed 9 middle schools; have 16 branches; will also absorb high schools. Hosted on a single FOLIO tenant.

IndexData is the hosting provider; sky dream: eventually like to be able to host for low-income libraries. Long-term plan, 10 years.

Nils: FOLIO and Kubernetes Cluster. Not yet enough Kubernetes competence. But will change to Kubernetes one day. Single Server for the moment.

Spokane: Explored FOLIO in 2019. 18 month trying to prepare for migration. 4-5 month before handed over to Joseph Molloy.

Cloud Hosted to Index Data. Never regretted. Migration of non-FOLIO services. A cluster of 3 VMs.

Ingolf: All three of us plan to switch over to a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster, we should stay in touch and report progress, tools, methods.

Nils: Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners (4 hours): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X48VuDVv0do

security incident reports
Joseph: Developing a backend app in Python. Leverages the demands that an institution has.
Will build anotherone in Go.
A very simple application for security incidents reports.
A showcase that you can do rapid low-cost development in FOLIO.
Submitted their own presentation to WolfCon. The developer is working on this. An alpha-release is in the test environment.
A tresspass notice. We have the media connected, need to connect to Amazon web search. Lots of legal requirments.
Develop up for any vendor and any institution. Working together with IndexData for deployment.
All data needs to be stored. Rigid requirements of how that data is stored. Following data retention policies.
We are not storing it locally because any other library should be able to build it up.
Nils: I would store locally, encrypt the disk and have a backup in the cloud.
Nils: We have several layers of local storage.
Joseph: Providing the options for on-site media storage would be a benefit.
Univerity of Chicago has a massive security department. They handle the incident in their own system. Not the worst solution.
A growing need that public libraries have in America. We are making a solution that can be adopted by any institution in the U.S. and international.

FOLIO installation documentation

Ingolf: the install docs are going to move out of docs.folio.org. Where should they move ?
Nils: There should at least be a link in docs.folio.org where to find the documentation. If you don't know how to install, you don't need the rest of the docs (smile)

Ingolf: Could move to platform-complete

Nils: You have to know platform-complete. Will be better placed at folio-install.
Ingolf: This is where it was before. Could be re-used. But this needs to be restructred. We now have install + upgrade docs. Kubernetes and Vagrant docs should be on the same site.

Nils: Should be a starting page with links.

Notes from April 30 meeting:

Invite someone from EBSCO
- Ingolf reaches out to Mark Weksler (tick)Mark Veksler says he will be able to give a short presentation (10-15 minutes) from EBSCO's point of view.

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