About the Systems Operations and Management SIG

The members of this SIG are the people who will be:

  • Installing and maintaining FOLIO

  • Administering the database
  • Debugging problems

  • Reporting bugs/issues to developer group(s)

  • Building developer environments for front-end developers

This group needs to understand how FOLIO operates “from soups to nuts”: how a request comes in, how it is routed, how it talks to the database, how it comes back, etc.  Also how the pieces of FOLIO fit together, how they interact with each other and with the host environment.  The technology decisions being made will impact how the system is administered and managed.  Due to the quickly evolving technology, this group must meet with select FOLIO developers at least quarterly to conduct a detailed review and discuss the implications.  

Areas of concern are:

  • Best practices for deployment

  • Security

  • Performance tuning and capacity planning

  • Monitoring & instrumentation

  • High availability

  • Utility processes (e.g. interfaces/integrations with external systems)
  • Upgrades (need a script–make this as simple as possible)
  • Backup/Restore
  • Approaches to implementation
  • Migration of data from various currently used Integrated Library Systems
  • Integration with common and uncommon external applications (including bulk imports)

Out of scope:

  • End-user documentation (except for end-user documentation needed by Sys Admins and Dev-Ops)
  • End-user training (except for end-user documentation needed by Sys Admins and Dev-Ops)
  • Data dictionary


  • FOLIO demo site that is updated as new releases come out.

  • Ability to create personal demo site on-the-fly and supporting documentation.
  • A run book for operations people.
  • Implementation plans for both phased and big-bang approaches.
  • Data migration plan, working with various SIGs for SME input.
  • Specifications for migration tools that have not already been identified for development.
  • Specifications for apps to integrate FOLIO with external applications (for those not already covered by other SIGs).
  • Community support model (perhaps a formal model during initial period of implementations and less formal after that).



SIG Type: Topical Group (discussion group to take up a subject of interest)