2024-05-14 Discovery working group

At Meeting

Villanova University
Nicole TrujilloCU Boulder
Uwe Rehhebis
Bernd OberknappFreiburg
Marie WidigsonChalmers
Tammy WolfEBSCO

2024 Discovery API Improvements 


  • Next steps for UXPROD-4805
    • The Group discussed best ways to move this ticket forward to production
    • Nicole will post to Resource Access channel
    • Tammy and Uwe (and others) will add comments to UXPROD-4805
  • Any additional steps for listed improvements?
    • The group discussed going through existing UXPROD tickets and seeing if any new information needs to be added.
  • WolfCon 2024 presentations
    • Alternative to edge_rtac by hebis
      • Perhaps also include discussion by EBSCO on ICS coding?
    • Open Discovery discussion, what has been done, what to do next
  • Group will review 2024 Discovery API improvements document after newest FOLIO release to see what has been updated.
      • Poppy release edge-lti-courses
        • From documentation, The purpose of this edge module is to connect LMS such as Sakai and Blackboard (LTI Platforms) to Folio via the LTI Advantage protocol for the purposes of sharing the course reserves stored in Folio.
        • Group agreed it was not a high level discovery concern for us at this time.

Next meeting

We have decided to go on with two weekly meetings.

meet again the 11th June 2024.