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Attendance & NotesAngela

Attendance & Notes

  • Today's attendance-taker: ?
  • Today's note-takers:  Team Leads for project updates

Announcements /


How to find our latest recordings

Time for a Training Working Group?

  • One of our Goals for 2022 is to develop training and onboarding resources specific to reporting
  • Is it time to form a small team?
  • Anyone interested?

Quick updates from Product Council

  • Meeting Notes from 4/7/22
  • WOLFCon
    • Planning for WOLFCon is continuing; they're starting to try to lock down sessions and who would organize them.
    • Google Spreadsheet showing current session plans
    • LDP tab has one session - Intro to LDP
    • FOLIO tab has no specific reporting sessions, but there is a general "SIG Working Meetings" slot
    • Can submit additional session ideas using a Google Form
  • Communication between developers and POs/SMEs
    • A recent problem came up with user permissions. Now, a user who can assign permissions to another user can’t assign permissions they don’t themselves possess.
    • This was a breaking change, and institutions didn't hear about it in advance.
    • Some suggested that the way to learn about things like this is release notes, or that we should go back to having sprint reviews, but I and other made the case that changes like this (or data model changes) need to be discussed with the affected institutions before the development happens
    • Kristin mentioned talking with Khalilah, and Harry assured PC that people would be talking about this in other groups
    • I'll try to keep an eye out for this topic and reach out if I don't hear anything

Recruiting New Query Developers

  • The Reporting SIG is always on the look-out for new query developers. Please let us know if you are interested in doing query development or if there are others at your institution who might be a good fit.

2022 Goal: Develop a FOLIO Reporting Vision and StrategyAll

From our Goals for 2022:

Develop a FOLIO Reporting Vision and Strategy

  • What should this vision and strategy be used for in the SIG?
    • if we're communicating about the work of the Reporting SIG in other contexts (e.g., PC), this is very helpful
    • to help new implementers understand what options are available for reporting
    • set goals for the future for the work of the SIG
    • people who want to join the SIG could see what we're all about
    • communicating the value of reporting and reporting tools in FOLIO
    • it seems that this group has largely been focused on LDP, which is community supported, but there are other options, and LDP is not universally available; one of the questions is, do we have a way of bringing in people who are using other reporting platforms? not only, what are specific hosting providers offering, but also, are there options for reporting that leverage the APIs - what circumstances are those good for? figure out what the breadth of the Reporting SIG is
    • maybe also use the vision to determine what we're not responsible for, what is out of scope
  • components of our vision and strategy work:
    • mission statement or motto: short, 1-2 sentences, that summarizes our approach to our work
      • to research, develop, deliver, and support best practices for reporting on data in the FOLIO platform
      • community-driven, open-source reporting tools
    • roadmap: short- and long-term milestones and goals for SIG activity
      • do we need to go back and touch on user needs for reporting again? data validation/data integrity may still be an issue; reporting can help send up some operational red flags
      • question: how to measure progress (at least for things we have direct control over)
      • more training on data visualization instead of just tables of data?
      • ERM will be looking into Open Access (can we support new OA app that will be developed soon; hope to integrate it in Metadb, overlaps with agreements, so ERM reporting subgroup might be renamed to reflect this)
    • statement of scope: what do we do? why? what don't we do? why?
      • helping people build SQL skills
      • related: helping people understand FOLIO data structures
      • not writing the code for the LDP project software, but contributing substantial testing, QA, specifying new features needed, troubleshooting problems as they come up; making it useful
      • which releases we would like to support; aligning reporting software development with the FOLIO application software development
      • providing community support for using the LDP project software and queries; but for scope, how long do we continue to answer questions about past versions of the software
      • developing/testing/updating derived table and report queries tailored for LDP project systems (scope question: how regularly/for how long)
      • maintaining documentation
      • gather requirements from the broader FOLIO community related to reporting needs, document them, advocate for them
      • being able to help people work on non-FOLIO data ingest and reporting (example: ARES data into LDP) - maybe out of scope, but where does the line go?
      • in past, have been asked to comment on/help design features for in-app reporting (still in scope?)
      • create/maintain connections to functional area SIGs; respond to new apps and functional areas
      • open the repository for non-SIG members and review their queries; may need to discuss, does this make sense, since it adds work?
      • for tools we don't have direct access to, can we support users of those tools? help with SQL, understanding FOLIO data might be topics that cut across tools; should part of our vision be to welcome non-LDP users into the group more?
      • Advertise:
        • Benefits to community - other perspectives and workflows
        • Benefits to institutions - visibility, validation
        • Benefits to individuals getting involved - personal development and skills (e.g., SQL, GitHub, networking/connections)

Secondary goal: come up with language that can be used to explain to our institutions the importance of the work and of devoting resources.

Let's start discussing!

Updates and Query Demonstrations from Various Reporting Related Groups and EffortsCommunity & Coordination, Reporting Subgroup Leads

Project updates

Reporting development is using small subgroups to address priorities and complete work on report queries.  Each week, these groups will share reports/queries with the Reporting SIG.  Reporting development team leads are encouraged to enter a summary of their work group activities below.

RA/UM Working Group

MM Working Group

  • Meetings are 1st Tuesday of the month, 12-1pm ET via zoom using the usual FOLIO password. Our lab sessions are open to everyone. Please bring your questions, examples, and comments about reporting and metadata.
  • We are still looking for help with derived tables and reviewers. See our sign up sheet.
  • Our next session will go through the review process and one more example of porting over a derived table from LDP to metaDB.

ERM Working Group

RM Working Group

Reporting SIG Documentation Subgroup

  • Honeysuckle documentation is live on https://docs.folio.org/docs/
  • Iris documentation is in progress, due December 15
  • Additional Context
    • The Reporting SIG has representation on the Documentation Working Group, which is building end-user documentation for https://docs.folio.org/docs/ (mostly linking to existing documentation over on GitHub)

External Statistics Working Group

  • no updates currently
  • new organizational/tracking scheme for JIRA, with pointers to queries in folio-analytics repository
  • New organizational structure for External Statistics reports
    • external statistics reports (e.g., ACRL) typically require running queries from different functional reporting areas
    • these reports will be captured in JIRA under one UXPROD-XXXX report cluster issue, then the descriptions will point to each of the queries required to run them on the folio-analytics repository
    • institutions will need to rank each of these 8 new UXPROD-XXXX report cluster issues
    • each reporting development team will take responsibility for the queries in their area for the external statistics clusters

Product Council

For all recent work on FOLIO Reporting SQL development:

Topics for Future MeetingsAll
  • Next: Reviewing a pull request 
  • How to deal with External Stats reports?
    • maybe subteam leads check in about that
    • probably wait until after Metadb conversion is more complete
  • Converting queries to dashboards: Sharon and Vandana (April 25)

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings 

  • A test Action Item (Ingolf)