Release Notes Process for "Important Upgrade Considerations"

Goal: For each release, to identify and communicate any software changes that, without human intervention, may impact library operations.


  • What: 
    • Capture changes system administrators need to be aware of (whether they work for a library or a hosting provider)
    • When in doubt - add!  The key is that we don’t want to miss anything.
    • Each item should tag a person (developer, PO etc.) who can be contacted if there are questions
  • Where:
    • Quarterly release notes are available from this page.  Each release notes document will have a section for “Important Upgrade Considerations”.
    • Example: Important upgrade considerations can be seen at the top of the Edelweiss release notes page
  • When: 
    • Draft release notes page will be created on the wiki at the beginning of each development quarter
    • Add notes anytime
  • Who:
    • POs and team leads are responsible for adding relevant items to release notes during the development period
    • System administrators may discover gotchas when upgrading tenants - please share what you learn!
    • Anyone with knowledge of an issue is encouraged to contribute to this page
    • If you aren't sure whether you should add an issue, reach out to the relevant PO, tech lead or system administrator
  • How (Draft)
    • The following is the proposed formate for writing an important upgrade consideration
    • Each app should Maintain its own table.

      Change or AdditionConsiderationsAction requiredAction timingContact personCommentsRelated JIRA issues
      What has been changed or added that should be noted for this releaseWhat challenges may arise related to this change or additionIf applicable, detail what action(s) must be taken hereWhen can the action be taken (before, during or after upgrade)User name of person that can provide additional detailName of user leaving comment: comment on what you encountered or ask a question @mention Contact personInclude issue link for bug fix, story or feature that applies


Use this space to list specific types of issues that should always be included.  

  • Was a new staff slip added?  If a migration script was NOT created for it (ideally one would have been), the team should clearly note that a new staff slip has been added 
  • Etc.