2018-03-28 Patron Notices Sub-group



Meeting Notes

Overview of the workflow for the next meetings:

  • Our input will allow the creation of a story and mockups for the main development team.

What columns make the most sense for collecting the required data patraning to  notices?

  • Notice Type; Sub-Type
  • Description
  • Trigger
  • Batch? (manual, on the fly, resend (print) )
  • Send more then once (Examples)
  • Priority
  • Data (what data included/needed for the notice)

Examples of some of the notice types/needs:

  • Some notices are based on item and patron type as policies and wording are different for each patron group.
  • Large 'announcement' notices; IE graduating students.

Question: Are there a set of notices that are common among all libraries?

Answer: Courtesy notices (checkout), lending, hold/recall and on hold notices seem to be common for all institutions.

Thomas Trutt and Darcy Branchini will combine the two spreadsheets into a single document. Darcy Branchini will post it on Google Docs to share with the rest of the group.

Suggested workflow: Staff would create notices text (Print, email, SMS) and patrons would select how they would like to receive the notice. Does this make sense to most people?

  • Depending on notice type, esp SMS , it would require notice text.

Would it make sense to send out X notice in one format type and a more formal print notice?

  • There may have to a set of system defaults that patrons may not be able to override.

Action items