2023-05-09 Meeting notes



  • Sharon

  • Martina 

  • Petra
  • Kirstin
  • Alexis


Discussion items

Need to recruit more members for this group. We should report back to the PC about it. Martina may need to step off and Sharon is retiring.

Ask specific others to help with this work. At WOLFCon, time slot do a video with us about a topic. Peter Murray? Rachel Fadlon? Tara Barnett?
Who will we interview, list of questions needed.

Go back to Onboarding Concept – create grid and ask experts to fill in.

Reduce the onboarding presentation, wiki pages to be created, contacts to be made.

  • Petra and Sharon are going through the presentation
  • there are different parts of the presentation that we are converting to wiki pages
  • Martina and Kirstin will create the wiki sub pages for the introductory part
  • Sharon and Petra: Software parts
  • Alexis -- SIG pages and link any SIG onboarding information to main Onboarding wiki page – ask folks to update existing outdated onboarding pages
  • Kirstin: budget needs and implementing at institutions
  • Create wiki page to gather ideas for videos to create at WOLFCon

Action items